HELP! I need to decide...

  1. so I've decided to get my 1st Chanel bag....I think I'm at the right age now

    but i can't decide which one I want..

    my SA had the metallic dark silver Reissue ...and the new lambskin jumbo classic flap.

    From my experience with metallic leather is that it doesn't last..
    so I'm bit weary in getting that one in the Reissue..

    but the new classic flap -- i'm not too fond of the thicker shorter chain....

    then there is the caviar classic flap....i like the chain length...but not sure of the leather...I kinda prefer smooth lambskin...but I know this one will last longer...based on my usage of purses..

    or I can be on wait list till the lambskin classic flap becomes avail.

    Can I get a to which one would be better?

    I'm a must buy 2 buyer....If I buy one, I have to get another...
    but not sure if i want to do that this time around...

    so let me know which one you guys would get and why..
    it would be greatly appreciated.


    Oh yea! is it really true the reissue this year only comes in the metallic?
  2. I would get the classic jumbo in caviar.I prefer it to the lambskin personally.
  3. I like the Jumbo better!
  4. Between the metallic reissue and the classic flap, my vote goes with the classic flap. You could wait for the pre-fall 2008 collection before you decide......
  5. I would get the classic flap in caviar in black.. you really can't go wrong with it in any situation, and it will last you forever!
  6. classic flap-caviar because it'll be more scratch free! its timeless, its classic, its recognizable
  7. Thank you to all for your 'vote'. I decided on the Chanel caviar in black as my starter Chanel...and for sure going to add more pieces when fall rolls around for the new collection...I agree this is a classic that i cannot go wrong with ....or can I? :p

    so on a side note..when I mentioned I'm a 'buy 2' I got 2 Chanel bags :sad: the SA had a blue one sorta look like the reissue but with i guess thread along the edge? not sure what its called.... it was on sale ..amazing-- never knew Chanel goes on sale...but its a smaller I ended up picking that one up as well... and before i walked out the store...I picked up 2 Chloes too :crybaby:

    I GOTTA BE ON A PURSE BAN!! Its always around spring time that I just can't stop buying for some odd reason!

    can some remind me of this Ban when I start talking about purses again? please! at least for the next....2 wks :graucho:

    but once again, I want to thank all you ladies for you input!!!
    Appreciate it greatly!!!

    I'll post the pictures shortly to share my new treasures!
  8. Jumbo classic in caviar...if u prefer lambskin, then choose the lambskin...:smile: