HELP!!! i need tips on making a bow with my scarf!!

  1. I have a oblong scarf and i have no clue how to make it look like a nice bow on my lrg ergo tote! please help me! my bow i made looks so sad!!

    if you have pics of your bag with scarves please post so i can see!

    Merry x mas!
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  3. I don't put scarves on my bags 99% of the time (I own a bag with the scarf attached already though) and don't know really how to tie them but I wonder if it's because you have a pretty full scarf there. The pony tail scarves seem to work best, IMO. Also, if you have a boutique nearby you could go in with your bag and scarf and ask a SA to help you with tying. If I'm not mistaken, they usually know how to tie nice bows! Hope that helps!
  4. Hilarious! I was going to start this thread. I got a new bag and new ponytail scarf for Christmas. I tried to tie the scarf to my bag but the bow isn't coming out too good. The ones at the store and always look so perfect. Don't get me wrong, I can do a bow but it's always so perfect and even at the store. I want it to look like that!
  5. I always put scarves on my bags, but I pretty much stick to the ponytail scarves to tie bows. The oblong and even the square scarves are just too large to get a good bow, in my opinion. You could tie it and leave it hanging loosely unless its longer than the bag then sometimes that looks a little weird. You really have to keep playing around w/them until you get the hang of it. Sometimes the bows come great, and sometimes they look lousy!
  6. ooooo that is gorgeous
  7. I fluffed out the bows a bit and called it a day. I love the pink colors. The bow seems loose, i may have to double knot it to make sure it wont snag and fall off without me knowing..
  8. My husband figured out how to tie a pretty bow with the square scarf I got. So just work with it and you will get the hang of it.
  9. For the oblong scarves I fold them in half lengthwise, and then use the smaller piece to start my bow. Hope this helps... my oblongs are sheer though, so the texture may be the reason it looks so good when I fold them in half.

    If my baby cooperates I'll take photos for you... but I can't guarantee he'll be willing to nap today. :p
  10. I posted an article before but if you do a google search on scarf tieing guide/hermes or hermes website has a guide you can download i think. Also It makes it easier to fold the scarf so that it is long and skinny and tie the bow that way. Sometimes when I tie my scarf i do a half bow which i just pull through one side and leave it as a loop, it looks kind of cute this way. I think the material is what makes it difficult because it is not stiff but slippery but once you make your bow you can tug at the middle knot and even out the sides and stuff to make it more symetrical and more secure. have fun !
  11. i'm not a "bow" person...but I want to tie my pony tail scarf like 'tie'...and hang it off my Carly...I'll take pictures to explain...but I just want the beautiful legacy stripes to lay down flat, and a "tie" knot (like a man's tie) would work.

    now I gotta go google "how to tie a tie"..heheh :confused1:
  12. That is too funny, I just did that with my legacy scarf. See my post about Dressing up the Ali there is a picture of it. I had my husband do it. If you look up on youtube you can find a video to help tie, the diagrams can be confusing, it is hard !
  13. I think the oblong scarf is too long for a tie style tie. my droopy bow is growing on me.!
  14. Oh yes! Post pictures! I hope the baby is able to take a nice little rest today!

    Oh and do post pictures of the scarf as a tie please. I want to see what that looks like!
  15. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    action shot (sorry for the flash)