Help...I need the perfect bag for this dress.


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Dec 29, 2005

It's a Nicole Miller that I'm planning to wear to a friend's Hawaiin wedding. Not to upstage her or anything...:nuts: I will also wear this dress for other formal occasions. I have a pair of Manolo mules that is the exact color of the turquoise and picks up on the reds and yellows (the Ritamod from last year). I might need to purchase flat sandals in case the wedding is on the sand.

Anyway, I'm looking for the perfect handbag or clutch to complement this. I am an avid LV collector but would love to try something new. Any suggestions? Pictures and/or links are appreciated. Thanks!

i agree with SuLi that goldtones would go well with ur bag.....or creams.....picks up on the white/ivory color of the dress and the yellow/gold here're a few from the relatively cheap to a little bit pricier.......
Kate Spade


Marc Jacobs

and my favorite....jimmy choo.....
I love that Laura Merkin clutch! I have a pair of Manolos ballerina pumps with gold kidskin that exactly matches that color (can you tell I'm a Manolo fan?), which makes that clutch VERY versatile for many other outfits.

I also like the idea of a white clutch. The Ferragamo suits the "island and water" feel of the dress, and inevitably the wedding. I may unintentionally upstage the bride...:lol: I will be playing piano for cocktail hour, so I will get some attention anyway!

I find it hilarious that I'm more excited about my dress than my friend's entire wedding, lol.
I find it hilarious that I'm more excited about my dress than my friend's entire wedding, lol.[/quote]

Hahaha...the only way I can deal with going to so many weddings is the fact that I can shop for it!! I had a spate of weddings all in the same family, so instead of being able to wear the same dress to every one (three within a year), I had to get a new one every time. Finding the dress and accessories were so much fun, but stressful too. Here's another Lauren Merkin that I like:

I think that a gold or bronze metallic, or cream would be great. Plus, you have the added advantage of getting a great clutch or bag to go out with!