Help...I need the perfect bag for this dress.

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  1. [​IMG]

    It's a Nicole Miller that I'm planning to wear to a friend's Hawaiin wedding. Not to upstage her or anything...:nuts: I will also wear this dress for other formal occasions. I have a pair of Manolo mules that is the exact color of the turquoise and picks up on the reds and yellows (the Ritamod from last year). I might need to purchase flat sandals in case the wedding is on the sand.

    Anyway, I'm looking for the perfect handbag or clutch to complement this. I am an avid LV collector but would love to try something new. Any suggestions? Pictures and/or links are appreciated. Thanks!

  2. I can't think of any right offhand that might go well with the dress, but I just wanted to let you know that I think the dress is beautiful :love:
  3. It's a beautiful dress! How about a gold clutch, like this one from Lauren Merkin:

  4. Let me tell you that the dress is really beautiful. I think a small clutch. Let me see if i can get a pic of it!
  5. Wow that dress is gorgeous! I love the cut!
  6. Yes yes, georgous dress, bride might not be too happy, tee-hee. Do go with a small clutch not to upstage the dress. ALOHA!
  7. i agree with SuLi that goldtones would go well with ur bag.....or creams.....picks up on the white/ivory color of the dress and the yellow/gold here're a few from the relatively cheap to a little bit pricier.......
    Kate Spade


    Marc Jacobs

    and my favorite....jimmy choo.....
  8. I think the Lauren Merkin clutch SuLi posted would go great with the dress! So would the Ferragamo bag jc posted.
  9. The Dress does it all and you are right you need A bag! Soft Leather with good lines to fit what you wear, not A bold hey you you know
  10. I love that Laura Merkin clutch! I have a pair of Manolos ballerina pumps with gold kidskin that exactly matches that color (can you tell I'm a Manolo fan?), which makes that clutch VERY versatile for many other outfits.

    I also like the idea of a white clutch. The Ferragamo suits the "island and water" feel of the dress, and inevitably the wedding. I may unintentionally upstage the bride...:lol: I will be playing piano for cocktail hour, so I will get some attention anyway!

    I find it hilarious that I'm more excited about my dress than my friend's entire wedding, lol.
  11. I find it hilarious that I'm more excited about my dress than my friend's entire wedding, lol.[/quote]

    Hahaha...the only way I can deal with going to so many weddings is the fact that I can shop for it!! I had a spate of weddings all in the same family, so instead of being able to wear the same dress to every one (three within a year), I had to get a new one every time. Finding the dress and accessories were so much fun, but stressful too. Here's another Lauren Merkin that I like:


    I think that a gold or bronze metallic, or cream would be great. Plus, you have the added advantage of getting a great clutch or bag to go out with!
  12. I love the kate spade but I think the Lauren Merkin is better for it.
  13. The bride will be annoyed, that dress is stunning!!