Help!! I need the Double Pocket Edith Bag!!!

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  1. I want this bag soooo bad, it hurts. I went to Nordstroms and they had this bag just sitting there waiting for me. Now if I can convience hubby why I have to have this bag for $1800, it will be all mine. :crybaby:

    Any ideas ladies????
  2. Chloe Edith.jpg

    Here it is , weep. :drool:
  3. ahhh its horrid, wanting a bag so badly and not being able to :sad:

    Are there any special promotions going on in the near future at Nordstroms that you know of?

    any little off could help perhaps. Failing that, get him drunk, wear something mind blowing, and ask him again ;)
  4. I loved this bag so much, I bought one!! hubby this picture of mine (wth my Ivory Bay) and see if that convinces him ;)


  5. Hmmm, this can actually work. Make him forget about money for a "moment" or two, and then get a hold of the Visa and swipe away.......:yahoo:
    Then when the bill comes in, I can say "ah, you remember...":rolleyes:
  6. This only makes it worse! :crybaby: However, I LOVE the quilted Bay, this was my other choice. :heart:
  7. I've done this one and it worked. Show him pictures of both bags and ask him which one he thinks you should get for your birthday, Christmas, Independence Day, whichever holiday fits. Tell him how he has such classic, good taste in things and you really respect his opinion on this. Try not to giggle.:yes:
  8. I too have said it could be my birthday, mother's day, Christmas present etc....!!!!:graucho: At times I run out of occasions. I feel it is better to ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission!!:angel:
  9. I agree, haha :amuse: Or rather I use both strategies alternately...

    The double pocket edith is great :heart: I almost got the blanc the other day... but I'm thinking of a softer slouchy bag for summer so I'm still thinking!!
  10. I saw the Edith bag you're looking for at for $1499. They only have white and black, so I don't know what color you were looking for, but it's a good price. I've bought from them before, and they sell authentic stuff. has it in orange for the same price as well!!!
  11. I will have to check this out. I want the Khaki color. I think that is what they are calling it. It is the same one in the pic that I posted, I want THAT bag. :drool:
  12. This bag is online at NM I think it's 40% off. You have to follow the link though because it is a private sale. Go to Deals and Steals forum and check out the NM online sale. If you don't find it you can PM me and I'll help. Can't remember the colors available off hand.:tup:
  13. oh, Lynnie... With info like that, vimadez will be putting your name up for Sainthood (along with St. Robynbenz)!:yes:
  14. also try calling a Neimans store, they're having a presale right now and i saw that style although not in the color you're looking for but you can ask them to do a company search...good luck!
  15. Ditto to both above posts (Lynnie and nycmom), I saw it on the NM website discounted, and my SA at Neiman's called to tell me they are doing the presale.