HELP! I need suggestions for my naked zipper!

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What are your thoughts on the NAKED zipper pull?

  1. It looks fine naked; with nothing on it

  2. The crossword keycharm looks fine

  3. The crossword keycharm looks lame

  4. You really need to find something to put on the zipper pull!

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  1. This is :tup:
  2. Wow guys! Thank you SOOOO much for all of your awesome suggestions! Im going to check these out right now!
  3. I agree:wlae:
  4. I have the parrot adn palm tree, pink martini and love bird Juicy charms and I have them on my bbags but I just ordered a special one for my MAB!! Can't go wrong here!
  5. I think you should remove the one it has now. How about a rhinestone Fleur de lis? I was at a Tea house yesterday & saw the cutest ones. Maybe your RAOK buddy will surprise you with one.;)
  6. I bet you could find something really unique and fitting on Etsy.
  7. What great ideas girls! Gung, I definitely don't think you could go wrong with a Juicy charm. They are all uber cute! And I love the one mockinglee posted!

    I, too, was looking at the Juicy, Coach, and LV ones a couple of days ago. Leave it to me to like the expensive ones!! :shame: But I haven't gotten anything for myself yet... :graucho:

    Oh and I'm not sure if this would be your style, but some of these are super cute! I'm thinking about getting some of these myself!!
  8. GUNG, the kind of pull tab I was thinking of are the ones on zippers... just the long, plain rectangular ones (boring!! I know!!) but I didn't know if you were liking the naked look, which the tab would play alongwith.