HELP! I need suggestions for my naked zipper!

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What are your thoughts on the NAKED zipper pull?

  1. It looks fine naked; with nothing on it

  2. The crossword keycharm looks fine

  3. The crossword keycharm looks lame

  4. You really need to find something to put on the zipper pull!

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  1. I'm a clumsy girl who can't take good care of tassels! If you give me a tassel, by the end of the day, it would be coated in ketchup, chewed by a dog, or ran over by a car, or something worse! Thus, knowing how I am, I removed my tassels on my Wine Matinee and now it looks NAKED!

    I tried putting on a cute little key chain charm that spells my name out but I don't think it looks that good on my bag. I don't know what else to put there! A charm, a bead, a key chain, something else!? I am hoping to find something of high quality that looks super cute!

    Please give me your suggestions for something to put on my zipper pull; pictures would help a lot too!

    Thank you in advance! If you have time to take my poll, please do so.:yes::heart:

  2. I would take off the keychain, I think it looks fine without.
  3. I don't think the keychain goes with it... but I feel like it does need *something* on it. Can you maybe just find a small gold pulltab of some sort?
  4. ^What kind of pull tab do you mean exactly?
  5. I agree with Daph, I feel that the bag looks imcomplete without the tassel but I don't think that the crossword is the answer. I remember looking at this thread with juicy charms on bbags and they were really cute, maybe you could give that a try? Here's a few links to the threads:

    New Addiction - Juicy Couture Charms
    Bbags and Juicy charms club!

    I hope that helps GUNG!
  6. ooh! Thanks! Where can I buy Juicy Charms (except Ebay!)
  7. OMG I love those charms on the bag. What a great idea. Gung I think you have just solved your problem. I believe you could buy charms at or too
  8. Wow these are intricately made!

  9. Yeah, I really love their charms too! The detail is amazing! Basically any store that carries the brand Juicy Couture should have these in stock!
    Nordstrom, Bloomies, Saks, ShirleyandCompany (Might have a code in the deals/steals section but selection is very limited.) just to name a few.
  10. I think it needs something, too. Maybe a Juicy charm or one of those minimoon charms that have been posted on here before: