Help! I need something to carry receipts

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  1. What would you guys suggest? My receipts are now busting out of my wallet, which also has a checkbook and credit cards and some business cards.

    Should I get something that's big enough for all those things in one? Or should I get two seperate things - one for receipts and one for checkbook and cards.

    I've never had a wristlet before, do they come in different sizes...

    What do you gals carry in your wristlets.
  2. I usually only take my wristlet out when I hit the clubs. Two items may be better, since you don't want to end up with a massive brick of a wallet. And yes, there are many shapes and sizes of wristlets, you should take a look at Coach, they have lots and lots of styles.
  3. I use my wristlets in the matching purse as a cosmetics bag.
  4. Is there any reason that you have to keep the receipts with you?

    Can't you put them in a file box/cabinet at your house?

    I keep my receipts in a hat box; the receipts that I don't want the DH to see. :amuse:
  5. I leave a legal size envelope in my drawer. There really isn't a need to carry them.
  6. Ok, see I like to spend money, but I also like to save money. So I like to keep all my receipts with me, just in case something goes on sale and I'm still within the time frame to get a price adjustment. For example for GapKids, you have 14 days...with my luck, the stuff always goes on sale on the 14th day and I live an hour away from work, so I can't just run home and grab the receipt, feel me?

    I've saved hundreds by getting price adjustments, call me cheap, but I just love it.
  7. But then after the 14 days you retire the old receipts right?

    Perhaps you just need a billfold, or one of those airline ticket holders; I believe LV has something of this sort. This way, you can find the receipts fast.

    I was on the website earlier buying Apple Garde leather protector and they had lots of leather accessories/pouches, and at real decent prices.
  8. Yes after 14 days I put them away in my big drawer, but then they add up again pretty fast. Maybe if I was a little more organized, I would just carry the ones that there is a possibility of something going on sale, but who thinks about that stuff when you get home after work, right?

    Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.
    Ayla, there's some good stuff on, thanks a bunch.
  9. Kenneth Cole, Hobo, and Nordstrom had a few checkbook holders that could be used for that and they had a small strap and snap. The price was reasonable. You may want to look at them there were nice colors too instead of the usual black and brown. I tried to find a pic of one of them but so far have had no luck. If I locate one I will post the link.
  10. I use a sizable LV agenda/organizer that has built in space for receipts and cards. Filofax makes great inserts made from heavy vinyl (I think) that you can put into an organizer (pockets that zip for change and cash). It's pretty compact, and fits into most of my bags - except for evening.
  11. Unless you're urban and carless, just keep them in your car like I do. I use a large plastic envelope sized file folder with about 20 dividers in it. I keep it on the passenger seat unless I'm driving someone around, and then I toss it in the trunk. The organizer cost $4.99 at staples and I keep coupons, store credit/exchange cards, and receipts in it. I sort through it about once a month and toss the expired coupons and file old receipts.

    kudos on having the discipline to keep track of price adjustments!
  12. Good idea Coco! I am going to do that too.
  13. I had receipts everywhere and this year I decided to get organized so I got the greatest little IF wristlet and I just put them in there. No receipt goes anywhere else and now I save money but more importantly, I save time not having to hunt. I carry my wristlet in my handbag all the time.
  14. Would you be willing to use the thing to carry receipts in as your wallet? If so, you might want to check out this Hobo International wallet that you can find at Nordstrom.

    It opens up in the center--has a clear view for your driver's license and then 2-3 slots for credit cards. There's also a large zipper middle where you could put receipts in. Also, one of the two compartments with the kiss-lock is a little larger--you could stuff receipts in there and keep your money and credit cards in the other side where there are slots.

    I use this as a wallet when I carry a larger purse. Then when I'm at work, I can just pull it out and even put my cell phone in there--then I'm off for lunch or whatever when I don't want to drag my purse with me. This might be a little TOO organized for you--but I've started keeping my receipts in "order" so that the ones that are closest to coming up to the 14 day adjustment are on top and the "newer" ones are in the back of my little pile. Then I can pull off the ones from the top that are past the 14 days and put them in my shoe box at home... Hope that helps!
  15. I have a patent leather Coach wristlet that I love that I got to keep me organized as I travel a lot for work and needed a way to carry just my license, corporate credit card, two personal credit cards, debit card, cash, and insurance card. I also use it when I don't want to haul my typically large handbag into a store or restaurant. I keep my receipts in a separate French purse with the remainder of all my credit and store cards.