HELP! I need something in Indigo Vernis

  1. I know I swore off on buying another item in vernis due to the various reasons I've posted repeatedly when the issue came up in threads (I had bad luck with my vernis items). I thought that would have stopped me from wanting another vernis piece...well, until I found myself lusting over the indigo vernis. Now I'm totally justifying the purchase b/c of its darker shade. :Push:

    Anyway, I want SOMETHING in the indigo color before it's completely sold out... what would you recommend? The only thing I don't want is a ludlow since I already have one and I rarely change wallets.

    For those of you living around my area, if you've seen any vernis in Indigo while visiting your local boutique(s), please let me know what the item(s) is/are and the location where you've spotted it. Thank you! :flowers:
  2. How about a Reade PM:nuts:??
  3. i like this colour too, how about an agenda?
  4. How about cles? All the vernis fun with less stress.
  5. :nuts: :nuts: That would be beautiful!! I'm not sure if they still have it in my local boutiques (have to see before I buy). I would imagine it must have been a popular item due to its color (more subdued than the other colors).

  6. I'm seriously considering the agenda - still within my budget for a little splurge. :smile: Not sure if the size of the small agenda (my ideal size) will fit in my small purses? :upsidedown:
  7. How about a Bedford? I think the Bedford looks quite nice in indigo! :idea:
  8. Hey bluekit! That indigo agenda would be a great addition!!! But I don't think it would fit in the ravello and it'd be a tight fit with your other items in the croissant? (Yes I stalk your bags!!! LOL!)
  9. I also think the Thompson Street looks pretty good in indigo as well!
  10. :Push: AHH! you used the C word! I was trying to distract myself from getting a cles (I already own one in perle). I think the gold hardware works BEST with the indigo vernis, compared to the other colors. I'll have to think about this one - I feel like I'm betraying my perle cles :lol:
  11. :nuts: :nuts: Gorgeous bag, but a little over my budget. :girlsigh:
  12. :lol: I don't have too many bags so stalk away! I'm HOPING the agenda would fit in the ravello pm because I may use it in lieu of the ludlow - but we'll see. :yes:
  13. Reade or the one with the handle on top.....clanalois has one and someone else got one recently. I can't remember what it's called.
  14. OH!!! Get a reade pm and then we can be bag twins..because im thinking of making that my next purchase as well. Indigo vernis is the prettiest! we have such great taste...heheheheh :P :nuts:
  15. How about an agenda then, they look divine at elux.