Help......I need some gentle persuasion

  1. from fellow tPF'ers to convince me to use my medium White Caviar Classic flap w/Silver hardware. She just looks so peaceful, tucked so neatly in her box. I know that caviar is less delicate than the lambskin, but shes just sooooo snoflaky white. :girlsigh:

    Maybe I just need the perfect outfit. I got the CUTEST black/white ballerinas on Zappos, so theres a starting point. I want a dressed down/casual look....and fyi..Im 24 weeks prego. I was soooo stoked to get her, and now Im disappointed that Im not using her.
  2. Oh purse-o-holic, PLEASE use her! I have one too and she is just so beautiful. Do you need us to reassure you that it will be okay, that caviar is indestructible? Or would you like outfit ideas? Either way, we are here to help!!! Don't neglect your beautiful white baby!!

    By the way, I LOVE carrying mine when wearing grey. Grey is the big color of this season and the white caviar just looks so amazingly fresh, young, and hip. Like I'm a little too cool for school. hehe!
  3. Well, as it's a white bag it will really go with any other color you choose to wear. White always looks so clean and crisp, you need to start using that bag, LOL :upsidedown:
  4. whoa! Honey USE her! If it were me I'd be afraid to get her dirty but that white looks good with so many outfits! Love that use it or give it to me. There! How bout that for persuasion..
  5. Match it with light color clothings ...
  6. I have the white jumbo and I loooove how the white just pops out against an outfit, especially a darker colored outfit (although do be wary of color transfer, esp with denim). Wear yours, it deserves to be seen!
  7. use her use her use her (that's my little chant hehehe)
    definitely use her!!!!! you wont regret it!
    show your baby to the world!
  8. Use her! She is gorgeous and purses are meant to be used and loved not kept in a box. She is caviar and there are posts in one of the thread re: the care and maintenance of the leather. Enjoy her!!!
  9. You MUST use her! She's too beautiful to be sitting in her box not being used. You should be able to wear her with just about anything, so go for it!
  10. I got a white flap a few months ago and have only used it once...I think I'll use it much more next spring and summer and maybe you will too. It's just so nice using the browns and blacks right now with the weather
  11. Helloooooo Mummy, this is your baby speaking from within your tummy. I want something lovely and pretty to look at from within. Please carry your pretty white bag and make me happy ;):love:
  12. oooh and off topic, I really felt the urge to colour the above text in Pink!!!!! oooh is that a sign lol ;)
  13. After your baby is born, you may not be able to use your lovely purse as often as you want unless you have a lived-in nanny for your baby. So use it now and feel fabulous with empired-waist dress and your ballet shoes.