help i need some advice

  1. hi all
    im pretty new in the dior section of this forum, i just needed some advice really.
    i owned a dior gaucho bag which i originaly bought off of eBay, it came with a reciept and all tags and authenticity cards so i had no reason to believe it was not authentic. im usually a bit of a chloe freak and know pratically everything about them and would be able to spot a fake of them a mile off but i dont know much about dior.
    i recently relisted the bag after having it for a year and sold it no problem, however the buyer that bought the bag told me that they had reason to believe it was not authentic, being that i am so proud of my feedback i offered them a refund providing they sent back my bag. they told me that i has to refund their money first before they sent back the bag, i refused thinking it was some kind of scam! and said for safety to go through eBay and i will refund them that way because of them being differcult.
    they then told me that they were sending it to dior to be authenticated (i did not know this service existed until i spoke with dior myself) they then paid 95euros to have this serivce done and a week later they emailed me with a letter stating that the bag was fake! i was completely shocked
    whats more they are saying dior disposed of the bag and are still now demanding a refund eventhough they can not return my bag!
    what shall i do? they have lost my bag and are demanding i refund them!
    please help, what do i do?
  2. Do they have any proof from Dior that this occurred?
  3. Beacuse they are the owner of the trademark it is in there interest to dipose of it. Paypal themselves sometimes tell you to destroy fake bags and send evidence that it is fake. I would not refund until you have recieved something from the buyer stating that Dior said it was a fake. has she filed a Paypal claim against you yet?
  4. I don't know about Europe, but those boutique shops in U.S.A. will not provide any authentication letters to consumer. I also heard a rumor that those boutiques sometimes will say real as fake since they all hate eBay. There isn't a formula of PayPal how they would deal this kind of claim. I have heard many similar cases but with different outcomes.

    I think you'd better now wait till PayPal's further instruction. Theoratically, PayPal will need buyers providing authentication letters. Don't issue refund until hearing from PayPal. I am sorry this happened to you. I know it is a real pain....
  5. I agree with HandbagAngel. Wait until PayPal tells you what to do. I once had a buyer claim that a Coach wallet I sold her was fake and that Coach verified it. I bought it at one of the Coach outlets so I knew she was either full of BS or she told the sales rep at Coach that she bought it on Ebay and the rep just told her it was fake. I was told by Coach one time that they are told not to authenticate anything that is brought into their stores. I bit my tongue and refunded her. Then I did a 2nd chance offer for the next highest bidder. I would definitely make sure she provides you with some type of documentation that the bag is fake. I would make sense that Dior would destroy it, but wait until you have proof. Sorry this happened to you, I'd be mortified too!
  6. I agree. LV especially will NOT provide you any documentation about the authenticity of any item simply because people can copy these letters and include them with their fake bags.
    And it seems weird that Dior would charge you so much money to authenticate a bag (if they even do that, I'm not sure that they do).
  7. That is what is odd to me too LVBabydoll. I would def want proof of some sort this happened. I wouldn't do anything at all until I got something from PayPal, Ebay, or proof it happened period. She could have taken ANY fake she had to Dior and have them do this.
  8. hi all
    thanks for your replies.
    the buyer has sent me a copy of the letter from dior stating that it was a fake bag:wtf:
    i recently emailed dior and they do do this service if you send the bag to paris and pay 95euros.
    the wierd thing is that the buyer is refusing to go through ebay and if i dont refund them then they will get lawers involved!!
    the buyer did not pay through paypal so i cant wait or their instruction.
    the whole thing is very odd.

  9. you have a PM from me ...i didnt know Dior Paris would do that, but anyway you have made a contract with the buyer on ebay and if he doesnt want to go through ebay then its his loss - i dont know where he is but puh-lease if he is so law obedient he better follow the law and get it sorted through ebay...does he want u to cover the 95 euro fee as well? i wouls email Dior as well and double checked if the letter is authentic ( send them the copy or the scan ) .
  10. I agree, this is why written letters are SO dangerous these days. Fakers can do anything they want with them. Definitely contact Dior about it to see if they really did authenticate this bag. :push:
  11. Even so there is no proof that the bag they sent to Dior was the bag you sent to them. If the bag has been destroyed, there is no proof of the authenticity of the bag and no proof that it was yours. I would continue to insist on working through pay pay and fight this.

  12. they didnt pay by pay pal so she cant do that :sad:
  13. Regardless, this part of that post is still TRUE:
  14. That's what my feeling are of this... I mean, what is to say that the purse she took to Dior is the purse this seller sold them? There is no proof in any way shape or form. She could have taken anything to Dior and then nailing this seller for another item and getting this for free. I would tell her that I would be willing to work with her in any way possible if she went through the proper Ebay channels. The lawyer threat may just be her blowing hot air.
  15. I would definitely be following this letter up with a call, there should be contact info on there.

    I don't know what their reluctance is to go through ebay, maybe done something similar before?