help i need some advice

  1. hi all
    im pretty new in the dior section of this forum, i just needed some advice really.
    i owned a dior gaucho bag which i originaly bought off of eBay, it came with a reciept and all tags and authenticity cards so i had no reason to believe it was not authentic. im usually a bit of a chloe freak and know pratically everything about them and would be able to spot a fake of them a mile off but i dont know much about dior.
    i recently relisted the bag after having it for a year and sold it no problem, however the buyer that bought the bag told me that they had reason to believe it was not authentic, being that i am so proud of my feedback i offered them a refund providing they sent back my bag. they told me that i has to refund their money first before they sent back the bag, i refused thinking it was some kind of scam! and said for safety to go through eBay and i will refund them that way because of them being differcult.
    they then told me that they were sending it to dior to be authenticated (i did not know this service existed until i spoke with dior myself) they then paid 95euros to have this serivce done and a week later they emailed me with a letter stating that the bag was fake! i was completely shocked:wtf:
    whats more they are saying dior disposed of the bag and are still now demanding a refund eventhough they can not return my bag!
    what shall i do? they have lost my bag and are demanding i refund them!
    please help.
  2. You might want to post this under eBay forum. they might be able to help you better. Also, they might have used a fake one for that letter instead of your bag. Do you still have pictures? Maybe Natalie and the pro ladies would be able to help you authenticate if you have detailed pictures.
  3. ok thanks

  4. PMing you!