HELP! I need reccomendations for a white spring bag to match these shoes!

  1. I want an off-white / ivory leather bag to use for spring/summer...

    I usually carry a LV speedy (mini lin) so I do prefer the arm carry rather then the hobo over the shoulder style... but Im open to any and all reccomendations..

    I really want a bag that will match these chloe shoes!


    Please post your ideas! I have searched everywhere and I am out of options!

  2. chloe edith sathel in white will match these shoes perfectly
  3. i don't whether or not the venetia was released in yogurt, but that bag would look hot with those shoes. i'm really loving those shoes btw. good taste!
  4. the olga?? just bought an olga and i think they would match well
  5. here is a picture of my chloe edith satchel
    I think CrazyBump found the perfect match, not to mention the dress to boot! :woohoo:
  7. ok ladies --- i ordered the edith in ivory --- thanks for the recs! i will post pics of the shoes with the bag when i get it! YAY!
  8. YAY! congrats!
  9. OMG I so love these shoes!
  10. FYI - there are still some sizes available on!!