HELP! I need reccomendations for a white spring bag to match these shoes!

  1. I want an off-white / ivory leather bag to use for spring/summer...

    I usually carry a LV speedy (mini lin) so I do prefer the arm carry rather then the hobo over the shoulder style... but Im open to any and all reccomendations..

    I really want a bag that will match these chloe shoes!


    Please post your ideas! I have searched everywhere and I am out of options!

  2. Check out Mona's Bay pictures; check out her creme Quilted Bay! That's my recommendation.
  3. ^ Susie, I was TOTALLY going to post Cream Quilted Bay. It's dreamy!
  4. What are you going to be wearing with the shoes? I think the type of bag will depend on your outfit more than your shoes!
  5. Another vote for the cream quilted bay.:tup:
  6. I agree with them, I'd go with a white / cream bay =)