Help - I need portable cooking appliances

  1. Because of my work, I travel A LOT; this month in particular, I've been spending four-five nights a week in hotels. I'm sooo sick of eating cup noodles, instant soups, and cold sandwiches, and I'm going broke ordering room service. So I'm trying to look into portable grills.

    I need them to be light and space-saving, as I'll need to drag them everywhere in my rolling suitcase. I prefer grills over hot plates, as I don't really want to have to bring separate cookwear. But I would consider hot plates if someone has rave reviews for one.

    Can someone recommend something for me? :flowers:
  2. How about a George Foreman grill? There are many different models available now and they can be purchased from lots of different retail stores. They're easy to use and to clean as well.
  3. Do you know if they are available in small/light sizes?
  4. The wolfgang puck panini maker is awesome! You can make sandwiches, paninis, grill meats and veggies, etc. It also has removeable grill plates that can go into the dishwasher. We use ours at least several times a week. Here is a link: Wolfgang Puck Bistro Panini Maker with Removable Plates at
  5. They do have small George Foreman's grill. They're not too heavy and easy to clean.
  6. Thanks for mentioning these. :smile:
  7. i really like my cuisinart griddler, you can make almost anything on it from eggs to steaks to quesadillas and grilled sandwiches. i have a big one (i live in a college dorm without a stovetop), but they make a smaller one:

    Cuisinart - GR-2

    mine came with two sets of plates (one flat for eggs and things and one with ridges) and it looks like this one only comes with ridges, but you can still make almost everything with it. the plates are removable and nonstick so they're really easy to clean. i like this grill a lot better than the foreman, the cooking is much more even.