Help! I need pictures of an epi bucket

  1. Hi everyone,
    Thanks for your help with the bucket questions before--I have my first bag narrowed down to one of three, and totally can't make up my mind! I tried them all on at the boutique a few days ago, but that didn't help me decide. I tried:

    Vavin GM
    epi bucket in RED

    Loved them all in different ways, but can only take home one :cry:

    Does anyone have a picture of themselves with the epi bucket? I've been searching and searching the site but can't find any and I think more pictures might help.

  2. Thank you pursegalor--it helps to see the inside (which you can't see at elux).

    I went ahead and ordered the epi one in mandarin :smile:
  3. I bet it's gorgeous! Post pics when you get it!
  4. here is a pic, ignore the room, my boyfriend is messy
  5. That is a great purches i love the mandarin.
  6. Oops...didn't read the entire thread. you wanted pics of the epi bucket sorry about that :shame:
  7. Thanks red_1980--it was nice to see your Marais picture, too, because I think both bags are similar in size. Also, if the mandarin doesn't seem to complement my wardrobe once it arrives, i will exchange it for the Marais.

    I'll definitely post pictures when I get it!
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