Help! I need Koobas Anonymous!

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  1. Hello, my name is Minimouse. I have been a Kooba addict for 2 months...

    I have to fess up that I bought another Kooba today. I know, I know, I shouldn't have done it, as it wasn't a bourbon or sand Jillian or a desert Sienna, that I want. It was a bag I wasn't going to get... a Paige in java!

    I had been disappointed to have to reject the idea of a Kelsey as it does seem too fat and structured, and I like bags that are rather squishy like my Jessie. Despite people saying the Paige is too big and too heavy, it still spoke to me because it looks so Jessie'ish and grungy, except a lot larger, which would be great for travelling with. If it's that heavy then I'm sure I can get hubby to carry it :lol:

    Anyway, I'm blaming Bessie for putting her java Paige up on eBay today with drool worthy pics, it's all her fault. If it wasn't for her, I wouldn't have to fess up to any wrong doing!

    I'm so excited. :yahoo:
  2. That Paige is a great looking bag, Mini, maybe a bit heavy, but it sat nicely on the shoulder when I tried it, congratulations! And we want to see it on you!
  3. Congrats Mini! That's a fabulous bag and I'm sure you'll love it. No need to apologize around here for your addiction. You're among friends. We all understand.
  4. Thank you dear friends, I really am excited :yahoo:about the Paige, especially the java color. If it's too heavy then I'll just have to carry a wallet and a lipstick inside, or else I'll have to line up a good doctor for when my back gives in!!! I'll give it my best shot. Do you think a bit more weight training at the gym might help?!!
  5. congrats on the paige, mini! that's a gorgeous purse, and please model it for us when it arrives!
  6. Wahay..a Java Paige!
    I love the newer Paiges in Java and Khaki. :yes: I started bidding on a Khaki one last week but my friend had to stop me as I have gone bag-crazy since visiting this Kooba forum.

    Looking forward to your pics.
  7. Sign me up for KA too. :graucho:
  8. Halzer, I feel like one of your dancing penguins. Earlier today I was really sad about the Kelsey not being quite what I expected, then I saw Bessie's Paige on eBay and it looked so nice and slouchy and I fell in love. I've decided it will be my birthday present for September, but my husband doesn't know it yet, so it's either a present from him to me, or me to me. As for a khaki color Paige, I love it too, but with the size of the bag, I thought the java might make it look a bit smaller. I'm trying to steer clear of finding a khaki Jessie (which would work for me), no more bags, except a Jillian and a Sienna and..... arrrghh, KA is not working!!!

    Gracie, is that your chow chow?
  9. *stand up, hand over heart*

    "I, too, am a Kooba addict and proud of it. I admit to purchasing 10 (yes ten) Kooba bags in the last four months since joining the Forum."

    *looks out into the audience*

    "You all are enablers to my problem...err....hobby. Some people collect stamps, some do needlepoint, I do bags.

    It can be a lonely hobby, hours scouring deals on the internet, strained eyes looking at teeny weeny photos, cramped back muscles from reading all the new Ebay auctions, hoping, wishing.

    Yet when I come here my Kooba friends understand, they commiserate, they share their defeats, they celebrate the triumphs.

    And when we stray to another love, be it Gustto, Boktier or the like, they understand, look the other way and grin, knowing we will return to the fold.

    And we do."

    We are Kooba Queens, We are Kooba sisters

    We are Kooba Proud!

    So in short, mini (alittle play on words there *s), stand up tall and show that new Paige to the world!
    :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo::woohoo: Whistles and Cheers!!!
  11. LOL, ladysales, that should be copied into the Kooba forum headlines:roflmfao::roflmfao: "We are Kooba proud", LOL
  12. Mini, is that gorgeous, little face your cat?
  13. So, do Koobas and cats go together? Mini has a cute photo of one, Lexie is holding a gorgeous kitty in her pic, I have a mahvelous orange tabby. . . Are Kooba lovers also cat people too? Any dog owners out there amongst us? (Don't mean to thread jack! Just curious!)
  14. Count me in KA! :yes:
    My red devin arrived today. Haven't decided if I love her or not, I was at work and could not properly try her on, but I will do that tonight.

    Youngster - yes there are dog lovers amongst you! We have 9 dogs and 1 cat!
  15. LOL Huskylover, your name says it all! Have any of those amongst your 9 dogs? Congrats on your new Devin!!