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  1. hi;;
    ummm...okay...I just recently bought a Signature Coach Hampton wristlet for $48....& I'm planning to go return it, because I wanted to buy a new & larger purse...I was wondering if anyone can help me choose a's kind of hard for me, right now...I really like the wristlet..but idk, what to do with it...Thanks.
  2. What purse are you considering? What are you unsure about relating to the wristlet?

    Keep in mind that there is no time limit for returns to Coach. If you aren't sure whether or not you want to return the wristlet you do have time to decide. :yes:
  3. hmm...I'm thinking about getting the big carly bag....but yess...Coach does have a no time limit to the returns...THANKS!
  4. Personally, I dont like wristlets. It also depends on your lifestyle.
  5. I see....I'm thinking of returning it! Thanks!
  6. I didn't like wristlets either until my mom bought me one to match my prom shoes. I always used wallets(I even bought a coach wallet months before. which I actualy just gave to my sister on her 16th birthday), but after prom I used it for a year and some months straight. I had to get a new wristlet because the dusted suede was getting worn out. I bought a new one last PCE and I love it. I am considering getting a billfold though. The wristlet is nice to take out too. My cards, cell and cash fit in there great.