HELP! I need help picking out a bag...

Okay, I'm trying to get a Chanel bag for my mom for her birthday, but I need to make sure I'm ordering the right one... okay, I want this exact bag in this picture EXCEPT I want it to be in black with gold hardware instead of white with gold hardware... can someone tell me the following info for this bag:


- the exact name (2.55 or classic flap?)
- the exact size (small, medium, large, or jumbo?)
- the exact fabric/material (like lambskin, clavier, etc.) and what's the best fabric to get? why do some fabrics look grainy in the pictures I'm seeing on here?

thank you so much for your help!
This looks like a 2.55 in lambskin in medium. Some bags look grainy because they're caviar leather (my personal favorite...I don't think I'll ever get a Chanel bag that is not made of caviar leather...I like that it's scratch-resistant). I think you can get this same exact bag but in black with gold hardware at any Chanel boutique. I see them everywhere!

Your mom will LOVE it!
I love this bag and you have 2 options for what you looking for;
1.Medium Lamb skin with gold chain will cost you 1750.00
It wasn't durable for everyday use. Lamb skin can get stain easy.
If you live near by beach environments gold will turn tarnish quickly
in case you not wrap the bag up and store them in cool dry place.
2. Medium Calf skin with caviar textures will cost you 1595.00
It's suitable for everyday use. Hard to get scratch up and so easy
to clean and take care.
I will get No.2 if I were you. You mom will love it from my experiences
Last night I sold 2 bags ....yippie
We really don't like the grainy look of the Caviar bag. To us, the Lambskin gives the bags a much smoother look and it's sleeker. But, I'm hearing that the Lambskin is hard to take care of and the gold will tarnish... if we get the Lambskin with the gold because we like the way it looks better, am I doomed to have a destroyed bag in a year or two?
I personally like the look of lambskin better also, but I was talking to my SA yesterday about this exact style and she said for white especially caviar is the way to go. However, I guess if you do not plan on using it on a daily basis you might be ok. I have a chanel lambskin bag which I have had for about 2 yrs and I just make sure I take good care when i do use it, but I definitly do not use it as an everyday bag.
I have a medium black classic flap in lamb skin. You do have to be careful with it. I just bought a shoulder bag in the caviar leather because I intend to use it as more of an everyday bag. The classic flap looks better in lamb skin IMO.
I saw a black Jumbo flap in caviar with gold hardware at my local NM. It was $1695 and really nice. The Jumbo flap isn't that big to me... But it has a lot to do with what your mom likes. I think the Jumbo is best if you carry reading glasses or sunglasses in addition to a cell phone and wallet and keys... It's a beautiful bag and I love how the texture looked on the bag--I think it really fits it's size.

If you have a NM card, double points start tomorrow and go through the 8th. Their number is 619.692.9100. Ask for Jason (he's the Dior specialist, but very nice) or Leilani (she's the Chanel specialist's assistant and very nice).
your mom is super lucky! it's classic flap in medium... the pic is lambskin i believe... but caviar leather will be much more durable so ur mom can take it out all the time! =) good luck!