HELP! I need help finding........

  1. I am looking to buy a new bag. I've been looking around for SO long and it seems I just can't decide, so here are some details of things I'm looking for.

    Price range ~ no more than $300 & in the color of tan, honey, camel, vachette, light brown - you girls know the color I'm talking about. Needs to be LEATHER. I like soft leather IF the whole bag will wear evenly but I don't like just one scratch here and there. Pebbled leather is good too and great in the weather.

    Needs to be medium to large in size and be a shoulder bag. I don't mind there being handles as well, as long as there is a shoulder strap. OH, and I really do prefer only one shoulder strap vs. two straps. But I'll take two if the bag is TDF. Picky, huh? :shrugs:

    I'm a relatively newbie collector, but as to the bags I already have ~ a Prada hobo, a Prada satchel, a Coach Bucket, a Coach small hobo, a Coach small tote, a small Cole Haan hobo, a couple of Isabella Fiore wallets, and some other lower end designers that I don't wear too often. Only reason I listed these is just to give you an idea that I like varied styles! So hopefully I can find something that is not coach too!!!?!!!

    I like slouchy & structured - this will be a daily bag. And i like a little bit of funky too. So any embellishment is welcomed!!!

    Hopefully I gave enough info & not too much. All help is SOOOOO appreciated! Thank You!!! :yes:
  2. Do you like this? It's Dooney and Bourke Annalisa leather. It's on the web-site.

  3. I like a few of the bags from HH. I have never ordered anything from there. Is the leather nice & do the bags hold up well for the price?

    The Dooney is nice too, but its not grabbing my attention ya know?

    Any more bag ideas???
  4. The Hayden-Harnett Suki has two straps, but it's so cute and seems to fit your other criteria...
  5. The Suki:

    It's on sale for $276 through the 13th with the code LOVEMOM, too.
  6. Both of the HH bags I like. In everyone's opinions, if I can get either a Kooba Paige or Kelsey, for the same price as a HH bag ~ which one should I do (HH or Kooba)? (And if Kooba - which one, Paige or Kelsey?) ? I've never had either.
  7. I like that Sigrid Olsen bag- that's cute.

    As for the Kooba/Hayden-Harnett quandary - the only reason I don't have a Kooba yet is because they're all so big. I don't usually go for huge bags, but if big is what you're looking for and you like the Koobas, get one of those. I keep looking at the website; maybe they'll come out with someting a bit smaller in their fall line.
  8. has a kooba carla in a camel colored leather. the price is around $390, but there are some discount codes floating around out there.