Help!!!!!! I need help choosing my first BV.. ideas??

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  1. Hello! I am new to the forum.. just joined today actually.. I am buying my first bv, and cant seem to make a choice! help!
    Any ideas on the fall colours? I want something that would last through the winter.
    Thanks in advance! :smile: :rolleyes:
  2. mdsa- welcome!! I recommend that you try to get to a BV store or a store that sells Bottegas and try different styles on. So many sizes, shapes, etc. that work with different body types. For instance, what would be too large for me might be just perfect for someone else who might be taller might want to go for one of the classic styles and colors for your first investment. Have you looked on the official Bottega Veneta webite? Look under the "icons" bags.:yes:
  3. hi . i am in the same position as you. the bags are all so beautiful. i have been looking for a while, and i stil have not made a decision, although i should receive 2 to pick from tomorrow.
  4. Welcome! The fall colors include a blue, a strong red, a salmon pink, camel, blonde; as you probably know the main ongoing colors are black(Nero), dark brown (Ebano), hazelnut (Noce), white (bianco), clay (Limo--this color is so popular that I am assuming they will keep it); I also hope Old Petra continues to be sold--it's a lovely lavender/taupe.

    Keep an eye on the website for the fall collection and if you can visit a store in the meantime to "experience" the bags, you'll have a better idea of what works for you.

    Good luck and have fun!:yes:
  5. I regretted not trying on a Campana for my first BV.... At that moment, Veneta is BV to me and I had no eyes for the other models..... I should have listened to the SA and tried on the Campana.... !
  6. I'm new to BV also. Try looking at the "What's in you BV" thread. I find the photos great for giving me a feel for how much can fit into the bags plus ideas for accessories and organizing.