help i need choices!

  1. Well, ive always been a fan of LV but ive decided to cheat. Ive fallen in love with the spy but unsure where to find them. Fendi and holts have 2. but i figure some might be discontinued? anyone have any clue where i can find the mink spy bag? or any fur spy bags? I live in vancouver Bc and we dont have much selection for fendi. The next town over i would say is seattle. if there are some in seattle maybe someone can share with me where? :p im more than willing to travel for this spy. However the mink totally caught my eye...
  2. I haven't seen any fur around lately (I think someone else did, though). I imagine they might come out with a new fur spy for F/W, but we haven't seen it yet.
  3. there was one mink in the galleria mall in houston, texas. At the Neiman Marcus...i fell in love with it too but for various reasons can not get it *sigh*
  4. there was a white mink spy but its gone now when i went to check.
  5. I've seen some on eBay but I don't know if they're real
  6. If I see any....will let you know.
  7. hm.sounds like these fur ones will be hard to find. any suggestions for websites? i know of bluefly and i hear you people chatting about this jomashop. is that reliable joma shop? lol is that even what its called?
  8. I don't think you will find a fur spy on any of the websites I have seen, just too exotic of a bag. has so far been reliable & have some very good deals right now. You can also try Neimans, Saks,, rafaello network...but a fur spy I just don't know that you would find one there. :confused1: