Help - I need Cheerleading for dummies.

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  1. I am starting a cheer squad at my school (I teach at a high school) as we are getting a football team this year.
    We have no idea what we are doing ;)
    We aren't doing competitive or anything like that yet - we just want to take it easy and do some fun cheering for the team.
    So - what the heck do we do?
    Besides a half time dance thing - when do we do the 'cheers'?
  2. I've cheered at school before for a good while and I'll PM you later!! I love talking about cheerleading LOL!
  3. I was a cheerleader in middle school, high school and college.

    My daughter is a cheerleader too. They cheer at all the games, they compete and they have a camp during the summer.
  4. I would attend my college's homecoming games, and I think the rule was, if the game was at your school, your team was the only one that had cheerleaders.

    The Salve cheerleaders did a halftime dance routine, but every once in a while, they'd step in and do mini cheers.

    An example:

    Sit back, buckle in, the Seahawks will win.
  5. Here are some helpful links.

    (You could use the standard cheers, but maybe you could write your own cheers.)
  6. Are there other schools near you that have cheerleaders? Maybe you can talk to their cheer coach.
  7. I was a H.S cheerleader and will be coaching my DD's peewee football chee squad this year.

    Set a practice time for at least once/week.
    Do cheer anytime your team has the ball or if they don't, do defense chants.
    We pretty much cheered all throughout the entire game and did halftime dance usually.
  8. I was a HS cheerleader too, but I hated it.... :p My Mom wanted me to do it, so I did...
  9. Why did you hate it?

    I loved cheer. Doing the stunts was the best. Plus the uniforms were pretty hot.

    My daughter is a flyer and she loves it. Funny thing, she was afraid of heights until one day she said she wanted to be a flyer.
  10. I was a college cheerleader for football. We did lots of stunts as well as cheers. I'm sure that there are forums (there's a forum for everything, it seems!) and networking you can do for support/ideas. You'll have fun!
  11. The other girls were ruthless and mean to less popular people. It bothered me and I did not want to be a part of that behavior.
  12. Can I post a link here? Maybe Ms. Pineapple's Cheer Page will help you!
    Good luck, you will have a lot of fun! I love cheerleading! I've been doing it for...3/4 years..I think.. I took a break, though.
  13. :yes: I agree with Swanky about when to cheer. I cheered in high school and remember doing most of the cheers when we had the ball, and when we played defense, most of it was "D for Defense" or the band kicked in and started with our school chant.

    We practiced three times a week after school, for about an hour. Did stunts, went over cheers, practiced halftime dances, etc.

    Eventually I quit the squad because things started to get very competitive and catty between the girls, but I remember it used to be so much fun. We went to camp in Tampa over the summers, got to wear the cute uniforms to school on game day, painted banners for the players to run through for home games.

    Whatever you do, make it fun for everyone! It's a great way to show support for your team and cheer them on, and have a blast while doing it :yes:
  14. ooh! i do songleading(same thing, pretty much...)
    and we cheer when the team has the ball, and when the other team has the ball we say mean cheers... but i really dont like that...

    lol. i think thats pretty obvious though!
    its also really good to do team building activities, and go to camp!
  15. Roo, that stinks!!! It was NOT like that at my school!:nogood:
    It stinks that my DD has to grow up. . . .I shudder the thought of her battling the *****y girls later in life:cry:
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