Help! I need advise on getting a Birkin/Kelly bag

  1. Hi everyone

    I just joined today, and I must say what have i been missing all these years! Anyways, I been trying to find a birkin bag for my mom, hoping to give it to her on my birthday since I will be turning 20 this year, somewhat monumental i guess. But as I been trying to call the H stores near my area there are NO WAITLISTs in US. Can anyone give me some advice on how I can get these bags, it seems like impossible to get one, but obviously many of you have found it! Any tips? Please help!

    Also advice on whether I should get my mom a Kelly or a Birkin would also be helpful, I think she wants a Birkin because that seems to be the more popular one, I really dont know that much about either one, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!
  2. welcome! you could start reading the info on this forum (older threads on how to get a birkin, styles, colors, leathers) to get acquainted with all the options. then head into your nearest boutique and see the leathers/colors in real life. just browse and talk with a few sales associates. see if you feel comfortable with any of them. if you feel comfortable, you can talk about what you are interested in. i wouldn't mention "birkin" right away b/c they are sick of people harassing them about birkins.

    for kellies, i think you could call around. they are generally easier to get.

    there are tons of threads on this forum about this subject. good luck!