Help!!!!......i Need Advice

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  1. Okay girls, this is my delima I'm interested in 2 colours from the s/s 07 season an naturel twiggy and a rouge vermillion first. Problem is I don't own any bags from '05 and earlier and I'm wondering if I should just start searching high and low for some of the bags from the past seasons (i'd love the experience the fabulous leather balenciaga made back then or should I just stick with the orginal any suggestions:shrugs: any imputs would be appreciated.
  2. Decisions, decisions! I say buy one of the new ones then save for a fabulous old bag to come along. It's SO nice to get a freshly boxed, brand new bag, but the old leather is soooooo wonderful. That's my vote!
  3. I've owned 04, 05 and 06 bags and for some reason, 05 leather is my personal favorite. Right now all I own is 05 leather.

    I decided a while ago that the only 06 or later bag I would own would be ink. I am not a fan of the new big hardware, lack of tassles, or even the new colors. So I think, for me, the classics win.
  4. hmm... my advice is to always go with the "heart pounding" test. Whatever you find yourself lusting over or going back to again and again and not being able to forget.. THAT is what you want and what you should get!
  5. yeah i agree, but if u ask me i'd say go for the natural twiggy:love:
  6. Rouge is my vote...go into the new year making a statement!!
  7. i'm a fans of the older leather! so i would say go for the '05 or '04 :P
  8. I would get one "old" and the naturel...that's what I will do + try to add one or two more depending on....:drool: and dh/finances.
  9. thanks girls for the replys I've decided to get the naturel twiggy and an "older bag.....not sure what yet:graucho: