Help!!!!! I Need Advice!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi Everyone:

    This has never happened to me before, and I do not know what to do!!!! I won an ebay auction for a handbag. The auction ended last Friday and I paid for it immediately through paypal. I did not hear anything from the seller, so I emailed him yesterday, asking him when I could expect my bag. I received an email from him last night, saying that his paypal account had been frozen. He said that he thought the "civil thing to do" would be so send me the bag anyway, so he said he would mail the bag to me today and send me a tracking number. When I did not hear anything from him today I emailed him this evening asking him for the tracking number. I received another email tonight, saying again that his paypal account had been frozen and that there is over $4,000 in the account and that he is "working on it", etc..... No mention now of sending me my bag!!!!!!!

    What should I do???? I feel that since I paid for the handbag in good faith on Friday that he should send me my bag and work out the money situation with paypal on his own. This bag cost over $700.00, and I am now out of pocket this amount, with no guarantee of receiving the bag.

    I would welcome any ideas as to how I should handle this!!!!!

    Many thanks!!!
  2. File paypal claim,escalate it. They should take the money out of his account and give it back to you. But since you bought it on Friday, and filing that you haven't received it yet might not be in your favor since the seller has 30 days to actually ship an item that you won. Good luck.
  3. Well it has only been a few days. Maybe send him a copy of the transaction completion email to show him it cleared your account into his.
  4. Mine became a NARU but the person sent the bag anyway since I paid for it. You have protection so I'd say see if he's sending the bag out.