Help I need advice on the Illovo PM

  1. First of all, I don't know if the Illovo PM has been discontinued or not. Hopefully not!

    I absolutely love the style of this bag but my problem is I'm not sure about the Damier print. So far all my LVs are monogram mainly because I love the vachetta leather and having the colour change over time.

    Since this will be a retail purchase and not eBay. I want to be 110% sure of it. Today over coffee with my DH, we were talking about LV and I mentioned about the Illovo and with my bday soon approaching, he asked me if that is what I really want. He may surprise me with it but I don't want him to spend that kind of money if I am not that certain.

    What do you girls think? Have you ever bought a style and not the pattern.