Help! I need advice on finding a messenger bag! Thanks!

  1. Hi! I'm going nuts looking for the perfect messenger bag/field bag/crossbody bag. I'd like to spend under $200. It doesn't have to be leather. I've been using a Tumi flap body bag, but it's just a little too androgynous. I'd like something a little more feminine but classic and practical. I like the Coach swingpacks, but they're a bit too small. Thanks for your help!
  2. I personally like the ones from seabreezestudio -- I own 3 -- but it may be more homemade/casual than you want.
  3. do you need to carry files for work, or anything else in particular? Or just the usual essentials?
  4. Thanks to everyone you has posted. I'm new to this site and I'm very surprised with the quick responses! To clarify (sort of), I'm looking for something more "designer" looking than "handmade" looking. I'm not sure if that makes sense. I've been looking at Coach field bags as well as the LV Trocadero bag (used on eBay). I have no need to carry files or a laptop, just something for city use that allows me to be hands free. I really like the quality of the Tumi that I've been using, but I wanted something more feminine and polished looking. Thanks again for the help!