help , I need a wallet that holds about 15 cards

  1. I want a glam looking allet that holds a lot of cards, plus checks with lots of compartments. any suggestions?
  2. damier brazza, zippy wallet, zippy organizer, updated pochette wallet?
  3. The most I've found holds 12 cards which are the eugenie, brazza and zippy organizer ... but they have other compartments you can put the rest of the cards into.
  4. There only two wallets I can think of are the Brazza wallet and the Zippy Organizer, which hold 12 credit cards slots?
  5. Have you tried looking at the Zippy Organizer and the Brazza Wallet?
  6. Brazza:


    Zippy Organizer:

  7. Alexandra wallet is another choice
  8. I like zippy organizer, what about new silver suhali wallet, I wish I could get a pic of the inside. it looks so glam! but that zippy organizer looks very convient, love it!!! does it come in vernis too?
  9. Oh, I love the braza, what does the outside look like, I love my hardwear to be blingly lol
  10. suhali zippy : 12 cards + some pockets!

    alexandra : 13 cards + some pockets.....
    0718w3.jpg 0902mc8.jpg 0901mc4R.jpg 0901mc3R.jpg
  11. the best choices for u are :

    1) amelia wallet
    cards: 18 (extra 1 slot can be used for cc, total 19)
    material: denim black/blue and mahina beach/black

    2) eugenie wallet
    cards: 14 (12 inside and 2 under the flap)
    material: mono or epi ivory/black
    pro: photo/ID compartment

    3) alexandra wallet
    cards: 13
    material: mono/damier/MC
    pro: photo/ID compartment

    4) brazza wallet
    cards: 12 (extra 1 slot can be used for cc, total 13)
    material: mono/damier/black epi

    5) zippy organiser
    cards: 12 (other compartment can be used for cc)
    material: mono/damier/epi
  12. tryagain: you are wallet expert!!! I love wallet too!
  13. the Eugenie wallet has EVERYTHING in it: 14 slots, bill/checkbook compartment, coin compartment and ID window
  14. any pics of the inside, I know you have and love this one!!!!