Help!! I need a small clutch for an evening out, possibly MC???

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  1. help help help!!

    a friend has invited me to be his +1 at a works event in 4 weeks time. I allready know what im going to be wearing (green top with black trousers and little brown wedge heels)

    however, im stuck for what to take as a clutch bag, and i figured its time for somthing new anyway (only got my damier musette salsa last week) hehe :yes:

    right as im wearing light brown shoes i thought maybe mono was better, so prehaps my Hudson?? but no its too huge!!!

    I need something small but can fit my wallet, phone & keys. I considerd the Wapity but its too small.

    Maybe the MC Shirley, but is it too many colours going on with the green and all the colours of the MC?? But i dont think they do it in Mono *darn* so we're talking small but perfectly formed (kinnda like myself) lol!

    oh so confusing!!! any advice would be so gratefully appreciated!! HUGE thanks in advance girls :yes:
  2. i think the mc shirley would be SOOOOOOO fab with your outfit. i love love love that bag. i think the green top will pull and accent off the colors of the MC. i don't think the brown shoes will distract from it at all. go for it!! :nuts:
  3. Not busy at all! Go for the MC Shirley great small clutch... Unless you want something a little less shocking. What about the Beverly clutch or the Epi Montaigne one?
  4. oh, shirley for sure. mc pochette would be too childish.
  5. Love the mc shirley go for it!
  6. Hope you can post a pic of it all together!
  7. Another vote for the Shirley! It's too darling :love: If you want something mono, the Lagoon Clutch is cute too. It's a little bit smaller than the Shirley though!

  8. oooooooooooo the Lagoon is purdy!!!!!

    this is going to be a tough decision!
  9. Have you thought about something in the epi line?
  10. Mono pochette or Shirley have my votes!
  11. My sister just bought the Epi Montaigne clutch in black and its so gorgeous. The ivory would be beautiful with your outfit and perfect for summer!
  12. I had a Shirley and i doesn't like this bag! I weared it only twice, then i have sold it on ebay! The Shirley is not easy to open: first the bottom, after the zip. Thats drives me crazy!:nuts: My vote is not for the Shirley!:nogood:
  13. I like the shirley and would definitely support you in carrying it because I think the colours would be set off perfectly by the green in your top. Just to be the devil's advocate tho, may i suggest the pochette marelle? It's mono too, very elegant but actually quite dificult to open with the two buckles. I love it tho, it's oh so pretty!
  14. I woul'e go with something from the Epi line since the colors are solid, or the Sonatine!
  15. My perfect clutch is the Aumoniere...:love: