Help!!! I need a quick fix for swollen/puffy eyes...

  1. I've had a HORRIBLE day... was crying a lot (won't get into details right now) and my eyes look terribly puffy. I'm still going out later tonight... I think a few drinks may help me out... lol. I want to look my best... any tips? Thanks in advance!!!!
  2. Ice pack! Or if you have them handy, cucumber slices.

    Sorry to hear you've had a bad day! Hope it gets better.
  3. -Wash your face in really, really cold water.
    -Put cucumber/tomato slices on them.
    -Put cold tea bags on them.
    -Don't lay down, keep your face upright to drain the fluid out of your eyes.
    Sorry to hear you had such a terrible day! :flowers:
  4. I know this is probably late, but could help with the future possibly. I have read that putting cold washcloths on your eyes or like ice packs will bring them down very soon.
    Hope your day is better!
  5. this is late but i keep a spoon in the freezer so if i wake up and my eyes are puffy i put the spoon over my eyes for a few really works