Help I need a Professional Resume!

  1. Hi ladies! I need some direction....Where can I get a Professional Resume for a sales position done done. I have been searching online and a lot of places are charge like over a hundred dollars for resume editing services. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions! TIA
  2. You do NOT need a professional service to edit your resume.

    While not ideal, it's not TOO bad to use a template from Word. Also, it's not hard to just do it yourself: find a sensible font like Sylfaen and have a go at it: Education, Experience, Other Qualifications. That's it!
  3. Well... I have done the whole Microsoft template. However, I'm trying to change careers so I need something that will sell me on becoming a sales rep for this company I'm applying at. Is there any specific resume for careers changes or do I just use the standard chronilogical format? TIA
  4. ^ I agree, you do not need to pay someone.

    Do a search on the internet for resume examples, and model your resume after ones you look at. There are many different ways you can put it together. A lot depends on where you are in your career. I'm sure you can find a lot of (free) info to help you. Maybe try and do a search on google, or look at other people's resumes on

    Good luck!
  5. I guess I feel bummed out cause I didn't get any call backs from the resume I had sent out before.
  6. Don't be bummed -- just be persistent. Where are you sending them? Have you posted your resume on job sites like Monster and Hot Jobs? Have you contacted recruiters to help you with your search? These days, you have to cast a very wide net. Don't give up!
  7. I'm not sure how old you are Lady1port >.< but if you're in college, I would suggest checking out your college's career center (if they have one). They have people that can help you out with your resume for free. If you've graduated, I think they would still give their services to alumni as well.
  8. Absolutely!! My old Univ. in the US offered the Career Center services for up to 5 years after an Alumn has graduated!
  9. Also stop by a library or a B&Noble or other bookstore to look at resume books. Select a few that you really like and arrange your resume accordingly. It may take one afternoon or two, but it is worth it and it will save you lots of money. Good luck!
  10. I just redid my resume recently and I certainly did not pay for any help. I used a template as an example to write my own. After I was done, I had some reliable and knowledgeable friends(and pfers) read it over for me and make corrections/suggestions.

    Some good advice:
    Use numbers and past examples of how you were successful in a past job(sales growth, etc).
    Lose the objective, don't even bother putting it in.
    Put education on the bottom if you are not straight out of school and have been working for a while.

    And after you submit the resume, make sure you follow up to see where you stand. Employers get several resumes a day and yours will stand out if you call and make yourself known.