Help! I need a platinum band!

  1. I have a beautiful Tacori engagement/wedding ring. The only problem is, I only wear it "out". It is not something I wear around the house. I am really wanting a platinum band ( with or without diamonds) to wear the rest of the time. I miss it when I don't have a ring on!!! Does anyone have any great ideas? I don't want an eternity band, and I don't want any thing too big or to small. I am going for comfort. Probably a 3mm or so size. My rings are solder together because I am hard on my jewelry, or I could just wear my wedding band. It is so pretty, but not an option obviously. Thanks for your ideas!!!!!
  2. Have you checked I had Whiteflash make me an 11 stone band -- it's 3 mm because it has 10 point diamonds on it -- which are 3 mm in diameter -- they are set with shared prongs. I LOVE it. DH gave it to me for our 11th wedding anniversary since 11 is my lucky number. Anyway -- I know you said you don't want eternity -- but if you like shared prong settings -- is GREAT -- they only use ideal cuts in their work. Also -- -- go into their Facets section. They have some great diamond bands which can be made in either platinum or gold. If you ever frequent -- you'll see the majority of posters there either have a band made from Whiteflash or Facets. Have fun!!!
  3. peppermint, I have a 4.5 mm Tiffany Lucida band that's very comfortable, simple and, I feel, beautiful.
  4. I have the Tiffany's platinum Etoile band and it's so comfy and looks great!
  5. I am looking at both the Lucida and Etoile bands from Tiffanys. It is sooo hard when you don't live anywhere near a Tiffanys. I may have to make a trip up to Minneapolis. I like the looks of both of these rings. Anyone else?
    Thanks to everyone for helping, I'd love even more ideas. Right now Tiffany is the front runner!
  6. This is my vote too. I love this band, it is classic, beautiful, and a stunner!
  7. If you're just wanting a plain platinum band I wouldn't buy it @ Tiff. Way overpriced - platinum bands will be pricey anyway. I went to several jewelers in my jewlery district & finally had to have mine ordered to custom specs but was only 400.00. It's a very substantial heavyweight plain platinum band - 2.5mm by 2.5mm thick (sits 2.5mm off the finger all the way around) to match the thickness of my heavy engagement ring setting. My wedding band & eng ring have diamonds in the settings but sometimes together they irritate my finger so I swap out to the plain one which is comfort fit. The next closest quote was over $100 more for the same exact thing. Shopping around is worth it.
  8. I have actually found that Tiffanys Lucida is LESS that my local jeweler as well as the jeweler I have used alot in a neighboring state. Both jewelers plain platinum bands were more!!!!! I really think I need to make a little trip and try on the Etoile. I wish I new how many mm wide it is.
  9. Maybe if you ask one of the people selling them on eBay they could provide you the exact measurements:smile:
  10. Thanks KBell! I just emailed Tiffanys for measurements.
  11. My husband and I just bought new wedding bands from Damiani. It's vrey simple and comfotable.
  12. Thanks for all of the help!!!!! I just got my band from Tiffanys. It is an Elsa Peretti platinum band with just one little diamond. Perfect for everyday wear. I will post pictures if my husband ever gets home with the camera!!!!!!