Help I need a platform!

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  1. Help me decide Tribute Too or Bianca
  2. TRIBUTE 100%%% they are very well made , look beautifull !!!
  3. I have a vid of them if you want to see, just PM me ...if you were to go with CLs go for Alti instead...
  4. YSL are very comfortable !!Never had the chance to slip on Biancas or Altis, but Altis are better looking IMO =)
  5. oooh thats a hard choice!! i love both!
    i'm a HUGE christian louboutin fan, but YSL tribs are AMAZING.
  6. I have both, and my vote would be for the Tribute.

    They're easier to wear in my opinion, the Bianca is quite low cut around the back and some people have had problems with them stretching.