Help I need a pink patent leather gallery wristlet

  1. Hi ladies, I need your help I am dieing for a magenta patent leather gallery wristlet. It came out in the fall of 2007. I just knew I should not have passed it up and now I am kicking myself for not snatching it up when I saw it. I think the style number is 40917. Thanks
  2. Not sure about the magenta color, but I know my Macy's had both the ruby and the dark brown color patent wristlets in their clearance section yesterday, where I picked up the ruby one for 30% off. Maybe check around to some Macys?
  3. Thanks I will go on a hunt tomorrow at Macys!
  4. Let us know if you find one. Good luck! $43 was a great deal!
  5. I had my SA search for the turquoise version of this and it's gone. eBay may be your only option.
  6. Ya thats what I was thinking and I have only found one listed on eBay so far. Lets hope I win it.
  7. check the outlets in a few weeks
  8. Nordstrom had some when I was there last!!!
  9. really!! OMG i will go there tomorrow! YAY
  10. These were deleted from the stores but there have been so many returns that you might find one in the system if you call around. If not there may be some at the outlets. I agree that your best bet would be a department store at this point. I thought we were going to have a knock down, drag out at my store over the last one! :lol: We had a couple of people that really wanted it. I settled for the magenta mini skinny.
  11. Ya thats what I was afraid of... right now i wouldn't mind fighting for one heehee:lol: oh well if I don't find one then I guess it was not meant to be.
  12. katrynar, you think the magenta patent wristlet would be in the outlets in a few weeks? I hate it when i buy something at the coach store and find it cheaper at the outlets after a few weeks. Anyway to the OP, I hope you find the wristlet! When i bought mines during PCE it was the last one in the store! So ofcourse I had to snatch that up before anyone else did. Good luck! Maybe you can ask your local store to order it?
  13. wow, I'm glad I picked mine up when they came out. I learned my lesson on waiting for anything pink when I discovered the punch sig stripe was sold out last spring.