Help! I need a new pouchette!

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  1. OK so I need all of the Chanels lovers' advice! My birthday is coming up and I need a small bag because I have too many totos! I prefer black...but I do love pink. I really liked the little cambon pouchette but I am not sure if that is still available anywhere. Any suggestions?!?
  2. I think you can still find the Cambon Pochette, if not, the Cotton club pochette is very similar. I like it more than the cambon pochette because it has a chain strap.
  3. ITA about the CC pochette being similar in style... and the chain straps are really cute and more substantial! I think they retail for $995. Another option, if you like classic flaps, is the E/W. It has a single, adjustable strap, and the black caviar retails for $1325 I believe. I hope you find what you want! :smile:
  4. soft and chain pochette is very cute and super soft.
  5. The pink cambon pochette has been discontiuned, but seems to pop up on eBay regularly. :smile:
  6. The cambon pochettes you can still find in the boutiques or on eBay, depending on the colour combination you're looking for. I personally prefer the cambon to the cotton club pochettes...I like the colour contrast of the cambon!! :yes:
  7. I def say go with the CC pochette. I have one and it's just wonderful! Fits more than I expected too.
  8. ^^ I agree go with the cc pochette!!
  9. I love the soft & chain pouchette.
  10. I vote the soft & chain also....borrowed this pic from reference library...So cute!
  11. Wow! I think I just fell in love with the soft & chain bag:heart:! Please someone tell me more about it!!
  12. Uh oh...I just looked at the Cotton Club pouchette. It is too die for too!!! This is going to be a really, really tough choice!
  13. yes I also vote for the soft and chain. its a fresh change from the many color on the cambons and I think it will get more use over time since its so versatile.. and the chain gives it an edgy touch. My friend has the tote and complains about the chain being uncomfortable though, but if it is a pochete, I don think it will be a problem since you wont put in much.
  14. Another vote for the E/W. I love it! (I am also a fan of the classic flap though so...)
  15. This is my soft n chain pochette.
    It's Us$995 and much roomier than the cambon pochette.
    Call Lisa at NM Troy Michigan to help you.