Help! I need a new handbag for a wedding + my own wedding.

  1. So after 8 years and 2 children we are eloping.

    I'm wearing this Phillip Lim dress.

    But I need to pick up a new bag! Can you suggest one for the dress??


    I'm also going to wear this to a friends wedding in Los Angeles in May. So I definetely need a hot bag ;)

    Oh, the hubby is wearing this Paul Smith number...

    I've thought of vintage Chanel flaps, a metallic mini MJ stam, a Leiber, a mini black McQueen novak... HELP!!!!

    I'm pretty casual/vintagy, and I think I'm either wearing my black patent Louboutin simples OR I'm getting Miu Miu metallic or white flats for MY WEDDING.

    I will probably get coloured shoes for my friends wedding in LA.

    I posted this earlier in another section, but maybe this is a better spot for it ;)
  2. Congrats on your wedding! I love how you aren't doing the whole "traditional" thing. What about a vintage beaded clutch in a metallic like gold? There are a few on eBay now. For shoes - I would suggest to not wear flats with this dress because, its such a special occasion and I feel flats wouldn't do this beautiful dress justice. Louboutins sound great - what about getting metallic Louboutins to color coordinate with the clutch I suggested? Let us know how everything goes, good luck!
  3. Here is the item numbe on the clutch on eBay I ws talking about, I think this would be great for both your wedding and your friends. Sorry I can't copy and paste it, but I just switched from desktop to laptop and I still haven't gotten the hang of it yet. 280092816805 the auction is ending soon but if you contact the seller they should be able to list it for you again.
  4. Awww!! Congrats Winona!!!:yahoo: :drinkup: :balloon: :balloon:

    How about this Chanel clutch that Kim is carrying?

  5. Congrats!!!!

    Your dress is GORGEOUS!! I love the thought of pairing it with a pair of flats. It'll be totally consistent with your style :yes:

    I would opt for metallics - silver maybe? A silver clutch would be fabulous!