Help! I need a new handbag for a wedding + my own wedding.

  1. So after 8 years and 2 children we are eloping.

    I'm wearing this Phillip Lim dress.

    But I need to pick up a new bag! Can you suggest one for the dress??


    I'm also going to wear this to a friends wedding in Los Angeles in May. So I definetely need a hot bag ;)

    I've thought of vintage Chanel flaps, a metallic mini MJ stam, a Leiber, a mini black McQueen novak... HELP!!!!

    I'm pretty casual/vintagy, and I think I'm either wearing my black patent Louboutin simples OR I'm getting Miu Miu metallic or white flats.
    what about chanel timeless clutch??:graucho:
  3. OMG, I love the dress! You should scope out Chanel because the flowers remind me of the flowers they are putting on rings, sunglasses etc right now. Maybe you will find a cool evening bag.

  4. That dress is gorgeous! You're going to look fabulous! I'd go for something metallic for both shoes and bag cause I think black would be too harsh. Congratulations!
  5. I love the dress! You have excellent taste :smile:
    I think these clutches look cute, but do you need a bigger bag?

    [​IMG]Emilio Pucci
    [​IMG] Roberto Cavalli (I love this bag :heart:)
    [​IMG]Miu Miu
    [​IMG] Celine (This is a bit bigger)

    You can find ^^^ at
  6. love your dress and congrats !!
  7. Lovely dress and congratulations! If I were you I would match this dress with coloured shoes and clutch at your friend's wedding. I wouldn't match it with black shoes.
  8. I think I want colored shoes and clutch at my friends wedding too!
    My husband is wearing this Paul Smith combo...

    So I was kind of thinking I should add some purple? Or pink??

    Ruusu- that Cavalli would work well... I checked out the Miu Miu last night, but for $500+ CAN I could not do it. Too tiny, not that great in person.

  9. It's a cute style and color, but I'm not a butterfly person.
    Thank you for your thought!!!
  10. I think this is so cute! But you mentioned not liking butterflies. Of the ones, you mention I favor the mini stam or the novak
  11. Winona77, since you like vintage, perhaps you might like to keep this clutch in mind for another occasion? Not sure if she ships to Canada, though.


    Etsy :: Vintage Metallic Silver Frame Purse

    $11.50 plus $4.05 shipping to the US

  12. Congrats on the wedding! :flowers:

    I'd definitely stick with something simple, but soft, in cream, a light neutral, or a warm metallic.

    How about this: