Help! I need a HAIR DOCTOR!!!

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  1. Help - I have this weird thing going on with my hair. At first I thought it was 'baby hair' but the area keeps getting bigger.
    My hair is past my shoulders and no - I did not cut this chunk like this.

    Could this be breakage?
    -I dye my hair blonde every 6 weeks (and have been doing so for about 15 years)
    -I wear a tight elastic headband almost everyday.

    Is it breakage?

    What do I do now? I can't wear my hair down because of these 'sideburns' -- but I don't want to wear headbands anymore if they are helping to cause this.
  2. Wow...not sure what is going on there. Do you have a colorist/stylist you see regularly, or do you actually dye it yourself? What about trims? My guess would be the tight headband at the very least couldn't be good to wear daily, and if it is breakage that could be part of the reason. Is it on both sides? I would get some bobby pins or any hair pin and just tuck them back until they grow out some more, or maybe a stylist could blend them in for you. Either way, I would get an appt with a professional for their opinion. Good luck!!
  3. Since you dye your hair and you wear a headband, it could be breakage. You might have to lay off on the headbands for a while.
  4. ooh..That looks like MAJOR breakage to me.Your colorist may have burned it off?OY.SO sorry...had it happen to me,but a way smaller section in to your colorist!
  5. Definitely breakage.
    Have your stylist get you the product "It's a 10". It is a great product that will help keep those ends strong to grow out =]
  6. I don't have a colourist =( I dye my hair myself.
    Let me explain where I live - in Alberta, Canada - where they don't know what a 'blow out' is ... seriously. Every salon I have ever been to I have asked for a blowout and they say - "huh?" - it wasn't until I went to vegas that I got one.

    Are there any hair styles that can incorporate this new found issue?
    I sure do wish the mullet was back in style LOL.
  7. I'm guessing you've fried your hair. Do you use a lot of heat-styling products?

    Try not using using blowdryers/flat irons for a while and deep condition like crazy.
  8. I had the same thing from dying my hair a little lighter than yours. It's breakage alright. when it happened to me I just got it cut short. I had been wanting to try a shorter cut for years to it actually worked out for me lol
    and my hair is sooo much healthier now
  9. I just realized something -- my hair is not dyed underneath -- like, I've left the underpart of my hair it;s natural colour for a long time now (dark blonde) and that is also breaking.
    It's not as bad as the side is -- but there is breakage underneath.
    So I am sure that the elastic headbands are mostly to blame.
    Obviously it;s way more damaged where I've dyed it but the thing that took it 'to the braking point' is probably the headbands :sad:
  10. between the coloring and the elastic bands, I'd say it's breakage. Stop heat styling, get a protien pack, and stop using elastics. Ugly as they are, I would say get a scrunci. Sure they are ugly, but far less likely to break your hair off.
  11. how is your nutrition? hair is protein and if you have changed your nutrition or are undergroing severe stress, it can also affect your hair.
    are you on any special medications? some meds can also have effects on your hair.

    also even though you have not died the bottom part of your hair, could it be that some of the hair dyes has leaked to it?

    what type of hairproducts do you use,do you use heated products (blowdryers,flats irons etc)on a daily basis?

    all of these things can affect your hair.

    i am so sorry this has happened.
    sending you a hug.