HELP! I need a convertible carseat!

  1. So as some of you may have noticed, my DD is getting to be quite the big girl. Using our home scale she weighed in last week at 18.5 pounds. :nuts: DH and I had already been looking at convertible car seats, but it looks like we may need to make a decision quick since our current safety seat is only rated to 20 pounds. The only one I really like so far is the Britax Decathlon. Maybe the Britax Boulevard. Baby's safety is my main concern and I know Britax is the best, but I just wanted to know if anyone had any recommendations or opinions about infant seats. Do any Britax owners have negative feedback? Do those of you who have something else want to add an opinion? Any help would be appreciated. TIA! :tup:
  2. I only buy Britax, let me check those links and see if I can offer any advice.
    The last ones I bought were Wizards because I wanted them to last more than 45 or 60 lbs.

    BRB. . . .
  3. OK, Decathalon doesn't offer true side impact protection.
    I'd go for Boulevard:yes:
  4. BTW, it's available MUCH cheaper elsewhere:yes:
  5. I have the Britax Marathon and Roundabout for my DD. She's 20 months and weighs 23 pounds. We've been using these with her since she was about 5 months because she was so uncomfortable in her Peg Perego Infant Carrier (it was too narrow for her). She's very comfy in the Britax seats. The Marathon goes up to 70 and the Roundabout is 40. I love the pattern of the seats. We have the Zebra print and the Leopard print.

    Another seat to look at is the Recaro brand, however, it is a convertible Booster seat so child needs to be over 1 and over 20 pounds and facing forward. We bought the Recaro Young (something not sure) for her and it is also very comfy. It has side impact supports.

  6. good to know... can anyone post a link to such deals? :flowers:
  7. I found some on ebay in the neighborhood of $260 shipped.. is anywhere else cheaper?
  8. We've got 2 Britax Marathons...The 'Ashley Floral' to be exact :smile:

  9. actually the Marathon goes up to 65 lbs, not 70.
    The Marathon is great but it doesn't offer true side impact protection.
    The only ones from Britax that do right now are the Boulevard, Diplomat, Monarch Booster & Parkway Booster as far as I know. My Wizard does as well, I think it was the first one ever to offer it but it's a few years old and hard to find now.

    check and for better deals as well as:
  10. I think I'll go with the Boulevard since my little one isn't a year old yet, so we need a rear facing for the time being. On a related note.. how much of a hassle is it to fly with one of these? They look HUGE!
  11. I think I'm going to go with the boulevard as well.

    Are you going to buy your baby a seat on the plane? If you are just going to check it, I dont think it'll be too hard. I wrap the car seat with plastic bags to keep it clean.
  12. I'm kind of torn.. I want to, but I know for a fact that the seats on the planes from Yuma to LA or Phoenix aren't big enough to use a car seat on, so why lug the thing around, KWIM? And I've never been without my own car in a city (we want to go to San Fransisco) so we don't quite know the protocol for getting around in a city with a baby. Are we allowed to take her on trolleys? What about public transportation? Do we use a car seat in cabs? Sorry if my questions sound dumb, but I've never had to think about this before.
  13. Well, since our babies are under 2, you can put them on your lap. So just check the carseat. When you get there, I would def use the carseat in cabs. I dont know about Trolleys cause I've never been on one. Do they even have seat belts on buses? Carrying around a huge carseat will be a pain in the butt.

    If you rent a car you can just keep the carseat in it. That might eliminate a lot of your problems.
  14. ^ITA:yes:
    Definitely need one for cabs and you could keep her on your lap on a plane, but I'd rather buy an inexpensive lightweight car seat than that.
    I personally can't ride all the way to my destination w/ a baby on my lap.