HELP, i need a college tote w s/s! under $200

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  1. I have been looking for the longest time for a nice leather/nylon, good quality simple tote. I need it to be very large, because i need to carry a3+ folders inside. which is why i need a shoulder strap on it, as the bag will be loaded.

    These are the styles that i like alas all of them are over the budget.

    and this longchamp is exactly what i was after but its $335, the version without the shoulder strap (or leather corners) is $145! how can it be more than double just for a strap! come on! Im considering just buying the plain le pilage version, but im scared i will be kicking myself in the future because of the weight on my hands.

    i know that the above are more designer bags, but any non -designer bag i look at seems to be very dowdy and bleh. Is it so hard to find a cheap(er) good quality and good design bag?

    I have a week till college starts and i doubt i will find a bag in time. A local store near me had a cheap duffel bag for $40 i might resort to, but i know it will fall apart in a month or two.
  2. I think if you have found the bag you want in the longchamp save your money and buy what you really want. just buy a really cheep tote for now
  3. I recommend the Longchamp; you can carry really heavy stuff like books in it and it doesn't mind rain. Also, you can put the Pliage in the washing machine.
    Regina :tup:
  4. I like the Piana tote, and it's only $49 over budget, maybe go with that one if you can?
  5. How about Hayden Harnett Maldives bag? It's only 185.00 on their website and comes in great colours. It has the long strap as well. Check it out!
  6. The Longchamp le pliage comes in longer straps too (can be worn in the shoulder). I used that in college- put my textbooks, laptop, basically everything in there and it was amazing. Plus it's almost impossible to ruin!
  7. i use the american apparel nylon tote bag! it's great for school and easy to fits a lot too!
  8. The coach business carryall i saw for under $200 at the Coach outlets...
  9. I also bought a faux croc tote from Nine West that cost $125, and it fits my laptop, files and everyday stuff in it no problem
  10. I rang lonchampy today, since im not situated in America we have inflated prices. The boxford is AU $550 while as the same size version as a le Pliage is $200! Come on thats $50 less triple the price just for i little more leather! Even if i saved up i refuse to pay that much for a nylon bag, and if i were i would be shopping at prada not longchamp.

    Do you think a guy can get away with a long shoulder drap Le Pliage?
  11. Check out these Jack Spade Turnpike Brief bags...they are on sale for about $250 (a bit above what you are looking for).

    Have you also checked out Tumi bags? They don't look uber trendy but they are built like tanks.

    One more suggest is the Timbuk2 bags. They are made of ballistic nylon and I carry very heavy binders in the Large Messenger I own. If I had known about it while I was in college, I would have bought one then. Also they are customizable.