Help! I need a City--Black or Truffle?

  1. Hi,
    I am getting ready to purchase my Second B Bag. I bought a Black Office/work in the spring, but I am in school and daily use of a backpack and a giant B bag makes me look like a bag lady--and not in a glamourous way:cursing:

    I was wondering if anyone has the Truffle? I was wondering about how it hold up with daily use? Do the handles darken considerably? I like the black because it is so durable, but I do have black already...however all the pics of the starlets in Hollywood underscore Black's popularity.

    What d'ya think?

    :heart: **Thanks for sharing all the info and all the pics!!!**:heart:
  2. I have Truffle and I love my black a LOT more. This is probably because I wear mostly black so the Truffle just doesn't blend well IMO. The handles haven't darkened at all but I haven't used it too much. How about a different color.. maybe caramel (more versitile than Truffle IMO) or one of the fun colors? What colors do you tend to wear?
  3. since you already have a black work, i'd go for the city in a different color.
  4. I would go for another color just because you already have the black.
  5. i like the black, but you may want to sell your work and get a black city if you're not finding that you're getting much use out of it.
  6. I agree. Balenciaga has so many TDF colors, use the chance to get another color! A black city and black work are so similar.
  7. I try to stay away from having the same color - go for the Truffle, I would love one myself!
  8. I would go for the truffe. I really like the color and I think it will age well. I'm tempted to get one in the day size.
  9. I would go for Truffle if you have a Black already and intend to keep it. But who says you cannot have same color in different styles? Or you could wait for the Spring collection. They have another Truffe, but also Cafe which seems like a nice dark brown. I am eyeing on that!
  10. I really love my Truffe Day (so I imagine the color in a City would be just as nice!). It is a very nice neutral and dark enough that it won't show dirt. It pops against black, white, ivory, kaki, red, oranges, etc... I love to wear it with my jeans. As another current color choice in the darker brown family, the new F '06 Marron color (like a dark choco brown) is also gorgeous (I got that one in a City). It is darker than Truffe and is also a great neutral as well.
  11. Hey, thanks for all of your comments!:greengrin: I went ahead and ordered the truffle. If I'm not in love then I will send it right back and order a fun color. I almost went for the oxblood, but I just can't tell what it looks like from staring at my monitor. I'll post a pic whenever I get the bag for anyone interested in a truffle city