HELP!!! I need a BIRKIN!!!

  1. Help I need a birkin ASAP!!! i want a 35cm epsom in black, brown or gold.... any suggestions where??
  2. Birkins are not easy to come by. You would have to be at an H Boutique when the doors open and see if they put anything out that interest you. Other than that you would have to go the route of a reseller.
    It is unusual to be able to walk in the H Boutique and take home a Birkin, but it has happened to some on this forum.
  3. If you need it right away, a reseller is your best bet.
  4. Thanx for ur comments.... but i think am not the luckiest person.... i've bn after one for the past 5 yrs..... every time i get very closer of getting one my luck turns away.....
  5. Definitely a reseller is your best option, if you really need the bag right away (Hee! I know how that feels!).
    The colors you are most interested in, however, tend to be the most popular and get bid up high on auctions, so just bear that in mind.
    Be REALLY careful, please, if you are planning to bid on eBay! We have an authentication thread here that's really great for getting a quick answer on a specific item most of the time.
  6. I agree with dear rose...if it's urgent and you cannot wait a moment longer a reseller is your best bet. A birkin is highly sought after in any color and the ones you mention are tops on the list. Good luck!
  7. Filfils, I think all of us Birkinfans out here had been in your position at least once... So hang in there, and don't give up! I personally think that's part of the mystique of the bag, and it makes it much sweeter when you finally get your dream bag.
    If you absolutely can't wait another day, then I agree with Rose, your best bet is through a reputable reseller.
    Good luck and best wishes on your acquisition :choochoo:
  8. whitebirkin, oh so true! :yes:
  9. I am sending good vibes to you! GOOD VIBES GOOD VIBES GOOD VIBES
    I am sure your birkin will be with you soon whether she's coming from an h store or from a trusted reseller.
  10. I love what you said, whitebirkin. :tup:
  11. :yes:
  12. good luck! and be warned...the birkin craving gets worse after you get one!


    and i have a black epsom 35 with GH, classic bag color combo :biggrin:
  13. pigletto am green with envy!!!! heheheeh....

    thanx all for ur comments.... i think i gotta ang in there....
  14. filfils, don't get too discouraged! If you are willing to wait, of course your Birkin will come someday (I know it's easier said than done though). If you just can't possibly wait, like I said there ARE good sellers out there. And not all of them need to get $13K for a "regular" Birkin, either.
  15. filfils-I hope u get ur birkin soon-and the waiting makes it all the more fantastic!Just be careful with resellers-tPFers have lots of good advice!