HELP- I need 2 Birkins!

  1. Hello everyone!
    I just joined today. I have been reading some of the postings and everyone seems so nice and helpful. This is such a cool site. I'm glad I found it!
    I am having a little trouble myself and if anyone can help I would be so greatful. I am looking for 2 Birkins and if anyone can help me as to where I can purchase them I would kiss your feet. I am looking for two 40cm, Croc, shiny Black and Red. Any color hardware and with the red any of the hues.


    Thank you for all your help!:ty:
  2. Wow. Two Croc birkins? :drool: If you want them straightaway, there's eBay, though the prices are pretty inflated. You occasionally see them at US stores, but they're hard to get! I'd recommend going through the threads in the Hermes Reference Library to really get a feel of exactly what colour and hardware and size you want, and whether you want porosus or niloticus (there's a price difference), etc... basically really educate yourself thoroughly before diving in-- then check out "Hermes Shopping" and the "eBay Finds" thread, as you see beautiful crocs pop up there. Good luck!
  3. May I suggest Hermes store?
  4. yes that is a place to start!
  5. seriously with your specifics in mind and no previous relationship with an sa i would say eBay is your best bet. see at the list of recommended resellers. good luck
  6. ^^ I agree.
  7. I am getting the feeling that maybe this is for a film shoot or something?

    Because otherwise, it's just kind of odd. :confused1: I mean, we all NEED croc Birkins, LOL, but you know what I mean?
  8. Two 40cm??? Wow those aren't something you see every day...week... or year. You might have to contact Hermes of Paris in Paris and kiss their feet for those two. KWIM?
  9. ^^ :yes: Point.

    Really, tell us why you need these fabulous croc Birkins in such a hurry! Are they for someone famous? :graucho: Or for a fabulous film? My curiosity's piqued!
  10. I am a stylist and I need them for a client.
    You all are SO cute!!!
    I know they are hard to come by but when I get a client that wants something I do whatever it takes to get it for them.;) It's like a treasure hunt. I love it!
  11. I can ask for you in German Stores by my Seller in the Hermès Store in Munich .Last week was a Croc birkin with Diamond Hardware :nuts: in Düsseldorf
  12. That would be fab! But they don't want the diamond hardware.
    Thank you so much! It never hurts to ask :winkiss:
    Do you know the price for the shiny 40cm croc?
  13. Around $40k for a 40cm, doesn't that sound about right, ladies?
  14. I found one for 59,500 today. Is that bananas?
  15. Brand new straight off the boat. 40cm black shiny