HELP!!! I must find Avril's shoes....

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  1. any ideas where they're from? i'm beginning to lose sleep:love:


  2. they have a short bootie like that one but in suede on Shopbop's website by Dolce Vita ($180).............. I have actually been comtemplating ordering a pair myself I love them :shame:.........
  3. Oooh really?? thankyou, I will look!!:yahoo:
  4. I don't think she bought them in Napenee......................
  5. Here are the Dolce Vita pumps (from that EmmaJane was probably referring to:

    These are so cute. They are begging to be paired with skinny jeans.​
  6. These shoes from Bebe aren't exactly like Arvil's shoes, but they are pretty close.
    bebe booties.jpg
  7. lol
  8. I love both of those, especially the bebe ones. It certainly looks like that style is going to be around in the stores this winter, YAY!!!

    And I agree, they're completely begging to be worn with skinny jeans.

    THANKYOU LADIES!!!!:shame: