help,I might not be in love with LV anymore !!!

  1. I went to Berlin last week for work. So couldn´t go shopping, but I saw the window of the LV shop on sunday (shop closed), and I must say I was not impressed anymore:crybaby: the bags didn´t do anything for me.....I am so passionnate about this brand, this forum, dreaming about LV......can´t wait to go to Paris and now I am worried, what if in fact I got carried away by the image brand ? what´s wrong with me ????
    BTW the window was displaying the Epi Passy in cannelle and accessories...too classic for me.nothing special.
    The Pleated steamer (leopard collection) looked somehow tacky and cheap . For the men it was the Melville damier bags (plastic for the closing system ,wtf ??) my friend said he thought LV was overated I tried to remember why I loved it and I think I prefer the forever classic LVs.
    But does this happen to you ? You´re standing in front of the shop (moment long waited for), and suddenly you don´t like it anymore ????? SCARY !!
  2. It sounds like maybe you saw a window display that just wasn't great. I don't love all LV just because it's LV, I definitely have my preferences. The Canelle Epi doesn't do anything for me either, and I completely agree that the leopard stuff looks tacky (sorry, not a popular opinion, I know). Don't give up on LV just because the window designer was having an off day. The lovely classics are still there, waiting inside for you!
  3. I'm with you, I like the good old fashioned mono/damier/multicolor classic shapes. The runway bags are just way over the top and way too pricey....those may be overrated...but the classic pieces are not.
  4. I totally go through phases like this, I was in a large LV store the other day and didn't get excited about anything.....there really aren't any LV bags I have to have want list is really just down to a couple suhali accessories and then I'm onto a chanel bag I want.....I'm sure soon I'll want more LV but I really already have all the LV bags I love.......
  5. I know what you mean, I have been through that phase and am hovering on it again.

    Cannelle does absolutely nothing for me too, and I don't really care for the silver on the epi. Other than the mirrior the was nothing that I loved from fall 2006, and nothing fron S/S 2007. I have a Reade PM that I am returning today. I tried pretty hard Friday to find soming I want to exchange for it, instead of a return and nothing intrested me ar all :sad:

    But, I know in time there will be something new I do like, in the meantime, I will enjoy the pieces I do have, and expand my collection of other designers and keep looking on ebay for discontinued stuff I love.
  6. I am sure it's just a temporary feeling, maybe you will change your minds with the new arrivals in November, December.
  7. I wish I would get that feeling more often! But I know what you mean. I love the classic lv's, but some of the new stuff doesn't do it for me, either. Wow, you're going to Paris?! I'm sure there's something there you will love. If not, you'll just have more $$ for the next collection!
  8. I go through phases myself... and I honestly don't like a lot of the LV collections, but just focus on the ones I do. Just because it's LV doesn't mean I'm going to love it... actually I'm usually happy/relieved when I don't like a new collection :shame:sad:then I don't need to covet it and try to figure out how to finance one! My wish list is long enough as it is!) :roflmfao:
  9. It was probably the display...I tend to like the classic myself, Speedy being my favorite bag.
  10. I'm totally indifferent or even dislike over 90% of what LV makes, and I find I'm that way about most any company's products. I get what suits MY purposes and ignore the rest.
  11. i know exactly what you mean. i go through the same thing every now and again. and then i come back to my senses and go back to obsessing over my next purchase. hahaha.... this too will pass....
  12. It happens to me too. I didn't like the Perf collection at all.

    Now what if that window had been a display of nothing but Speedys? Perhaps you would be in love again! LOL :smile:
  13. I agree!! :yes:
  14. I hear you.:yes:
  15. guys say they're not in love with us anymore either, but they always come back... :graucho: you'll come back to LV also, once you see a better visual display.