HELP! I might have baught a fake!

  1. Ok, so last November I baught a Gucci pochette on eBay for about $200 USD..
    I checked out the seller, he had lots of good feedback, and alot of ppl stating that his bags were authentic.
    Then when it arrived i was a little fishy about it, because of the way it felt....just didnt feel right.
    so i recently checked through ALL his feedback, (over 600) and noticed that there were up to 15 ppl in the past that had claimed his gucci bags were fake! but they all withdrew their negatives so it didnt show...
    and now im starting to wonder if mines real or not?
    i tried taking pics but havent been able to get a really clear cam to take pics of the serial number....
    i messaged one user that said his bags were a very good fake, and they told me that when they went to Gucci to authenticate it, it turned out to be fake...and the SA was so surprised of how good it was, he ran the serial number and it was indeed fake.
    i tried messaging him the other day, to see if i can get my money back...but no answer..what should i do ladies???
  2. Can you post some pictures on the Authenticate This Gucci thread? Have you tried using the macro setting (flower thing) to take the close up pictures? No zoom, no flash with lots of lights?

    Did you pay for it via Paypal with a credit card? If it turns out to be a fake, you can file a Significantly Not As Described dispute. You might have to provide written letter that the bag is fake from an authenticator, such as my poupette or caroldiva.

    When did you email the seller?
  3. If you purchased it last nov. I don't think there is much eBay/paypal could do for you. I do believe they have a 30 days or 90 days dispute period.

    sorry that it happened to you, if it makes you feel any better my 1st purchase on eBay was a fake gucci even though the seller said it was real, that was years before...when majority of us still had dial-up ....& back then disputing was a Pain in the A...needless to say, I didn't get my money back, the purse now sits with my nieces so they can play dress-up with it.
  4. it would be more helpful for you if you post this in the ebay thread
  5. Oh, last November. I doubt you can get your money back, if you pay by credit card, call them up.