Help! I made my chili WAY too spicy- how to fix?

  1. I tried a new chili recipe last night and while it was fantastic, it was also way too spicy. Is there any way I can make it less spicy? I already drained out as much of the liquid as possible, and I'm planning to add another can of diced tomatoes and some more beans. I heard something about putting a peeled potato to sit in it over night. Has anyone tried that? Do you have any other tips? The problem, specifically, seems to be an overdose of cayenne pepper.
  2. The only thing I can think of is making more chili, without spice and putting the 2 together. You will have a lot of chili but at least you can freeze it and eat it later if you have so much you cannot eat it all.

    I did the same thing once by making my spaghetti sauce way too salty on accident... I added tomatoes and another jar of sauce, it worked. I just froze the sauce I knew I wouldn't be using right then and pulled it out to make spaghetti again after a couple of weeks.
  3. Try putting some sour cream in the chili before you eat it. It cuts down on the spicyness. This is the only way that DH and I can eat spicy chili otherwise it's asking for heartburn all night.
  4. What about throwing in a raw potato for a bit? I think I've heard of that trick!

  5. Add some brown about an 1/8th of a should tone it down. I learned that from Emeril.
  6. Send it to me. I'll eat it! :p
  7. I just throw in lots of crackers and some cheese!
  8. eat it over white cooked rice!
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone! I bought more beans and tomatoes so I'm going to try those tonight, and I'll toss a potato in overnight, too. If that doesn't work, I'll add more beef and onion tomorrow, and some brown sugar.
    I added a bunch of cheese and served it over white rice last night, and it was still super hot, ack!
  10. i agree with m0riendi. adding sour cream will help cut out the spice.
  11. hm now i'm craving some chili - thanks for the recipe!

    did the potato help?
  12. Actually, adding crushed pineapple will work best. HTH!
  13. Update: I added another can of tomatoes and another can of kidney beans and put a potato in and let that simmer for about 30 mins.... it made a big difference, it's at least edible now, but it's still too spicy for my taste. I've left the potato in there to sit overnight, and tomorrow I'll see how it is and go from there. I just happen to have some pineapple in the fridge, maybe I'll give that a shot. Nothing to lose, I guess!
  14. I've heard the potato thing before too. I've also heard of adding sugar, but never tried it.