HELP! i made a best offer, seller DECLINED, i bought something else then 10 hrs later

  1. they accepted my offer, but by then i had already bought something else

    i mean i CAN pay for it if i have to but its going to screw me on my bills

    i offered $250 they declined, then i bought something else for about $180 and now they have accepted the $250 and im screwed

    how can this happen? how can you decline and then accept? HELP :sad:
  2. I think that once they decline they can't change their minds. I'v never heard of that before. Not to say it can't happen, but it doesn't sound legit.
  3. ok never mind confusion
  4. Well if they had already declined your offer and then later decided to should not be obligated to buy it since you had already bought something else. It is their loss. That is unless you still want it really bad. Good luck!
  5. Sounds like you figured out that it's not possible for seller to first decline your offer and then accept the same exact offer from you? If so, I'm glad it worked out for you!
  6. agree with PinkSuadeSoho. I sometimes setup auction with Best OFfer, once you decline or counteroffer, you can't accept previous offer. Do you suspicious of fake email or are you sure she's declined your offer?? Perhaps she just pending it and never declined?
  7. Definitely sounds like a phish email.
  8. If you have an official "declined" offer on eBay from the listing that you wanted and didn't get, that's all you need. Whatever they do outside of the listing is THEIR business and I don't think you need to concern yourself. You'd only have a problem if your offer was accepted and THEN you spent the money! Ooops! :yahoo:
  9. Yes, once an offer is declined and closed, there's no way of opening it back up to accept it. What was the confusion? I'm curious to know how she did that.