Help, I m @ birkin in sight :(

  1. good luck!
    btw, this is very different from what i observed at the end of January (at FSH). the counters around the handbag shelves were filled with peeps looking at Birkins, all brought out from back stock.
    hope you find what you're looking for :smile:
  2. I am convinced that I need to go to Paris for box kelly!
  3. Good Luck Hermes sapphire!!
  4. H Sapphire, Please do not give up. Find the best SA, and be polite, but relentless. Ask frankly when is the best time to come back in order to try to purchase your dream bag. Tell her that you will continue to try all week, but would like to place an order if you have no luck. I think that this will show that you are serious about your bag. Also, the more flexible you can be with size and color, the better your chances of getting your bag. Good luck and I can't wait for your reveal.
  5. Think positive! We are all rooting for you! May your Birkin dream come true!
  6. good luck! how lucky you are to be at FSH! i hope it works out for you! :biggrin:
  7. I was there at around this time ( late April til early May) and there were at least 5 Birkins available. Keep trying and good luck!
  8. yes - good luck - and keep us posted!
  9. Dear all, thank you for your well wishes. Just an update, i went yesterday (thursday) at 11:10am-they had a 30 B in the green family......everthing was what i was looking for except for the color (green doesn't go with my skin tone). I leave paris day after tmr (saturday) I think i will try again tmr, if i don't find anything i will just order from my local store (toronto).

    Nonetheless, since going to the H store everyday have made me appreciate the Massai n Evelyne ever more......there was a white, bj, etoupe massai pm n some evelyne (white, maroon, bi material).....i figure if i don't find my birkin, i may get a massai or evelyn instead.

    Anyhow, i hope to have some good news for u all tmr.
  10. There is always tomorrow! Keeping my fingers crossed for you too.
  11. sending good vibes your way hermes-sapphire...

    it will happen if it's meant to be :flowers:

    good luck!
  12. Good luck hermes-sapphire!! Don't give up, the hunt makes it all the more special whatever you score!
  13. So true, not just FSH but it happened in other H boutique all around the world:yes::yes::yes:
  14. Looking forward to hear your good news!! Good luck!!:smile:
  15. Good luck!:hugs: