Help! I lost a diamond from my RHR. Need advice.

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  1. I got this tiny apple stuck under the seat of my car yesterday. It took me about 15 minutes to fish it out, and somehow, before I even looked, I knew I had lost a diamond in my RHR in the process. I was right. :cry:

    This isn't a great pic, but it shows the damage. Can anyone give me advice on the repair? How much should it cost? Anything I should ask them to do or not do? I love this ring, it means a lot to me.

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  2. It will depend on how it was knocked out. But it could have already been loose and held in by gunk or something. If the shop you purchased it from can do repairs, that's where I'd go first, the maker. If not, call around either local or some of the online vendors with nice melee about how much it would cost.
  3. Who was it purchased from? Many jewelers will replace missing diamonds for free even if you do not buy an extended warranty, though many chains require the six month checkup.

    I agree with ame, it's best to take it to the jewelry store where you bought it from first to see if they will do it complimentary or at least at a discount. Then if the price is too high, you can have other jewelers give their prices.

    Most will have to send it in for an estimate if their jeweler is not on-sight, as they will need to match the quality of diamond with the surrounding stones.
  4. I bought it Baak Gallery in Cambridge, MA. They specialize in modern / artisan type jewelery. I lost one stone right after I bought it, and they sent it back to the jeweler in Florida for repair. I haven't lost a stone since, and it's probably been like 6 or 7 years. I could go back there, it's not super convenient, but if it's in the best interest of the repair, I'll do it.
  5. That would be my very first stop. If they cannot do it, then Id look around for other options, but if you know who makes the ring, perhaps contacting the company directly would be another option.
  6. cost depends on the quality of the diamond & whether or not the prongs were damaged (I can't tell from the picture). can you call the jeweler where you originally purchased the ring? you said it's inconvenient to go there. maybe a phone call would give you the answers you need.
  7. I don't think they are super high quality diamonds. It is very sparkly to me (much more than the pic indicates), but I think it cost under $1K 6 or 7 years ago. I remember they told me it was called the "99 diamond ring", but I could never find anything about it online. I'll call them tomorrow and see what the best thing to do is. Thanks for the help everyone, I truly appreciate it.
  8. something like this should be an easy fix. believe me. this sort of thing happens all the time and jewelers can easily add a new diamond to your gorgeous ring. they will most likely charge you, but it shouldn't be too expensive. my aunt recently gave me a gorgeous ruby & diamond YG ring, but if you could only see what this ring looked like before i had it repaired, you seriously would have thought it was a lost cause—but they were such talented artists they literally had to rebuild the gold and add in new stones—both rubies and diamonds—a lot more quantity, too.

    this shouldn't be a problem with any jeweler.

    good luck. it's stunning!
  9. ^onegirlcreative is absolutely right! :tup:

    good luck! let us know what happens...
  10. UPDATE! I got the ring back a couple weeks ago from a local jeweler. It cost $75, and it looks great!
  11. ^that's fantastic! so glad it worked out easily
  12. Keep your paws on the wheel.....not under the seats, ya hear?!! :biggrin: